Saturday May 02nd 2009, 6:56 pm
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A quick trip to Costco, where we saw someone with a flower tucked into her hair.  Not only that: it was a zinnia.  There are those who will understand why I was thinking, how perfect is that?!

When we got up closer, I could tell it was silk.  That’s okay; not everyone has the real thing at hand, It needed to stay fresh looking through her whole shift at work, and her heart was definitely in the right place.

I wonder if she’s a knitter yet.  Heh.

That worked out!
Friday May 01st 2009, 5:26 pm
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I was actually on the verge of deleting the draft I was writing yesterday, thinking who wants to read this stuff, when that phone rang.  It was so stunning to me that that nurse would call immediately after I’d finished the last sentence and that she would initiate it when I thought that was something I had to do, and I hadn’t, that I had to add in her call and put that post out there.

The upshot is, she found an infectious diseases specialist covered by my insurance, a woman who happens to have a particular interest in prosthetics.  There you go. I got the necessary referral arranged and Monday in I go. Perfect.

The samples arrived from the manufacturer this morning.  Not even afternoon delivery–they paid the extra for FedEx morning arrival.  Go Hollister. Go stoma nurses at Stanford. Wow.

I am feeling considerably more cheerful today about the whole thing, as one might imagine.

I’ve definitely got some thank-you knitting to get done.