Additional updates applied
Thursday July 05th 2018, 11:18 pm
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WordPress had a botched upgrade which hit many sites including this one.  I did some surgery yesterday to get the site back, and another update just a minute ago that appears to have succeeded.  Hopefully things are now working better than they were.


Wednesday August 05th 2009, 9:34 pm
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Alison is too out of it to post tonight. As one of the children said, “Another part bit the dust” I just left her side and she is pretty beat up. Believe it or not but she is frowning while she drifting in and out of it. The anesthesia knocked out her already bad hearing, but that seems to be improving slowly. They are trying to get her pain under control. She does not remember much of the day. They were happy with how it went. Maybe in a few days she will be, but not right now. Don’t expect much for a few days as she needs to recover. I will show her comments tomorrow if she is up to it.

Status (From the web master)
Thursday March 19th 2009, 1:20 pm
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Alison’s health is not the problem right now, but our ADSL provider,,  is the problem.  They are  dropping a large percentage of all the packets coming to or from our house.  They are not willing to acknowledge the problem, but with this current level of service she can not get to any webpage, or email server.

Fixing requires them to first acknowledge that there is a problem.  We are still stuck at admitting the problem exists.

The blog is not affected, just her access to it.

She looks like an elephant!
Saturday February 07th 2009, 11:16 pm
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I have a pic, but I am not sure I am supposed to post it.  After I get that cleared up I will add it if I am told to.  We had a set back today, nothing all that unexpected, but she is back in the hospital.  They put a tube in her nose to drain her stomach, and it makes her look like a very cute and small elephant.  She does not however really like this tube as it is very uncomfortable.  Hopefully they will figure out the cause of this set back and get her going forward quickly.  She actually is stronger than she has been, but not being able to eat, and a few other issues have landed her back with the experts.  We spent 9 hours in urgent care, and the ER before they got her settled in her new room.  She got her first ambulance ride, and first visit to the local ER.  (I always took the children in when they got hurt, so I did not realize she had never benn there before.)  I did not think to bring the laptop on what we thought was a 2hr trip to urgent care, so I am posting the status for her.

Alison’s recovery
Saturday January 31st 2009, 8:28 pm
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Well we are off, on the road to recovery.  She is trying hard to be good, and really likes that nice green pain button.  Everything is looking good, as the Drs. see it.  The surgeon say everything else looked healthy when she looked around.  Alison has been able to sit up and walk a short way.  She sat in a chair for twice as long as they required and has taken two very short walks.  Her BP is a bit low, even for her, so she hasn’t been pushed much.  The only excitement has been the O2 sensor that makes quite a racket if her breathing gets too shallow.  I put the laptop on her bed and she read all of the comments.

Friday January 30th 2009, 10:29 pm
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I am a bit to tired to try to be clever.  So just the facts, maam just the facts….

The surgeon considers the operation to be a success.  The colon is no more, and was really bad.  Technically things went better than expected.

Alison is in a lot of pain, and pushes the button every 10m for relief.  She was worried that it would run out, but think we got her to understand that 1)she can not OD on button pushes, and 2) They will keep it filled tonight.  They do not want her to be in pain at the moment.  I spent an hr in recovery kneeling at the side of the bed getting things done and holding her close.  She is bruised and battered, but hopefully will start to mend.

She is off to lose her colon
Friday January 30th 2009, 2:22 pm
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Alison is off lose her colon, the hopefully the sickness to. Not being as talented as her I can make it cleverly fit the tune.

Alison’s status
Friday January 23rd 2009, 8:21 pm
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The initial test results are in, and you may not believe it, but the doctor said her colon looked “Moth eaten.”  This is not good as apparently she has lots of ulcers about the size of a cigarette burn all over her colon.  This is significantly worse than the pictures they showed me 3 weeks ago.

The docs have a theory to explain why she is as bad off as she is, and if the tests are positive for what they suspect, it should be treatable.  It would be a good outcome, as it would explain several things, although the long term ramifications are not completely clear for me at this point.

Hie thee to the hospital
Thursday January 22nd 2009, 8:37 pm
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Alison has been bad, or more correctly her body is not cooperating. So she is now in the hospital for fluids, PPN/TPN, and tests. She was unable to eat or drink anything without paying too high a price. She is still reading comments, but is one sick lady.

Alison’s status
Sunday January 18th 2009, 1:55 pm
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“The doctor said the recovery would not be linear.  This is a non-linear day.” The fever is not bad today, but the patient is beat up and exhausted by 12:30.  The “they” don’t have the heart to bully her at the moment.  She is miserable.  Hopefully with a good sleep she will fill better this evening. Her mom says she felt well enough this morning to try to get her hair washed, and that completely wiped her out.

Alison’s status
Thursday January 15th 2009, 6:46 pm
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To use her own words, “I don’t feel very good.”. Last night we had a scare when her fever spiked up to 104.3F. We got it back down, but they did not like that. Today was labs, CT scan, x-rays, and consultations. She is getting 4 liters of fluids as we have failed to bully her into drinking enough. We are waiting on the medicine to let her body heal.

To those who wonder, I did the original post while at Urgent Care waiting on the IVs to drain into her as she dozed.  She has asked me to post when she could not, and she was not at all up to it today.  I showed the post to her, but I am not sure she really could read it.   Mobile devices can make your life easier sometimes, and posting the status gave me something to do the 6 hrs we were there.  I also introduced my mother-in-law to the joys of an iTouch by letting her watch “The Curse of the Were Rabbit” while Alison slept.  Gotta love Wallace and Grommit.  Besides Grommit Knits.

Monday January 12th 2009, 9:29 pm
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She has been too weak to do more than a little reading today.  We took her in for IV fluids and anti-nausea drugs.  That helps, but is rough on her.  She ask me to post her status, which is she feels lousy.  The good news is the medicine she has been waiting for is shipped and should arrive tomorrow morning.  It is supposed to be very fast acting, which we pray is really the case.  The treatment should start tomorrow.  Then we get to rebuild her strength.  Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.  She does read all the comments, but is too weak to respond at this time.