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Thursday August 18th 2022, 9:01 pm
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I guess you can make rayon out of just about any cellulose-based fiber, and I’ve seen a few oddball yarns from time to time. Sugarcane viscose? As Richard put it, well that one makes sense, it would be like bamboo, they’re both tall woody stalks.

Stinging nettle? I’ve heard its praises sung but I remember stinging nettle at my grandparents’ mountain cabin in Utah when I was a kid–I learned the hard way to stay on the path but that it didn’t have the manners not to lean over it. You had to be careful. It hurts like mosquitos itch.

Crustacean shell yarn, touted for health effects: that one didn’t seem to last on the market very long. Imagine if your recipient had a shellfish allergy you didn’t know about. It was the only yarn I’ve ever heard of with a warning label.

Rose yarn. Okay, put away the pruning shears and that’s another stiff long-limbed woody plant, okay.

Today Etsy sent me one of those “New Items!” notifications re a vendor I’d bought from pre-pandemic. Yeah, I clicked.

It really was. 100% dandelion yarn. Shiny, white, described as soft.


Laceweight, too, so you’d be putting a lot of time into figuring out whether it was worth putting any time into and whether it would hold up, or else you’d have to hold a bunch of strands together; well, hey, the vendor wouldn’t mind if you bought extra cones. Oh and look they have peppermint yarn, too. Does it give your hands fresh breath?

I’m picturing a Monty Python Killer Rabbits sketch with bunnies leaping for your shawl for snacks and then polishing it off with a mint.

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Tee Hee!

Speaking of rabbits, a friend’s not quite one year old has learned how to open the hutch and let Pierre out! (She also tried to drink from the water bottle.)

p.s. I’m one of those who couldn’t go near that crustacean yarn.

Comment by Anne 08.19.22 @ 12:13 am

The dandelion fascinated me because dandelion fluff is by its nature so ephemeral! The idea of it holding together to be knit with, wow.

I do have a skein of one of those, can’t remember offhand if it’s sugar cane or corn, but I just had to buy that one, though I haven’t used it yet!

Comment by ccr in MA 08.20.22 @ 6:46 am

Wow that’s kinda crazy! I think I would like to try it but not sure I can justify the cost when I have no idea whether it would hold up to washing and wearing.
Maybe somebody on ravelry will post about it.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 08.20.22 @ 6:38 pm

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