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Tuesday May 15th 2018, 10:33 pm
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It took a random mention on a four-year-old Ravelry thread and then some searching, trying to track down where that picture had come from when there was no information with it, just a hey, isn’t this idea cool.

I saved the photo. It had a long .jpg number. I googled that.

Which of course took me right back to Ravelry.

This pattern. In those blues and white, like a fine Delft china plate. Wow. This is why I have a granddaughter–right? (In San Diego, sure, but hey, she has a cousin in Alaska. Right?)

Right. Right after I do that afghan, and all the cowls that are left to do, and and and.

Maybe I’ll knit the patterns into the baby’s blanket instead?

Like the littlest fingers wouldn’t yank and catch on those strands. He’ll be a newborn, not a responsible older brother. Okay, back to the cape idea then, three and a half is old enough to listen to you telling her why not to and then not to.


Yeah, yeah, I know. But some part of my knitting brain is suddenly fiercely wanting to do some fair isle work. I think it was those blues that grabbed me first.

Speaking of cool things found, there was also a mention of the floral bouquets, here. (Scroll down a bit.) Wiltproof.

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Those flowers remind me of doing petit point for my mom. Teeny tiny stitches guaranteed to ruin your eyesight … and fingers!

As for the cape – cotton? Nah … hard on your hands and won’t felt properly.

Comment by Anne 05.15.18 @ 11:29 pm

Wow, the cape and the flowers are works of art! Now I want to experiment with teeny-tiny needles and thread (does yarn come that small?)

Comment by Pegi 05.16.18 @ 2:11 am

Wow, that pattern is beautiful!

I wonder if you could make it as a blanket and line the wrong side? Either with fabric, or a piece of plain knitting, somehow “quilted” together. Might be more work than it was worth to figure out, but it does get one thinking, doesn’t it?

Comment by ccr in MA 05.16.18 @ 4:27 am

That is a stunning cape! I pray you have fun knitting it.

And who is going to be a big brother?

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 05.16.18 @ 5:26 am

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