What happens when they’re the ones flying
Wednesday April 25th 2018, 11:04 pm
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I was looking at suitcases at Costco online, looking for a lightweight one, and it hit me–don’t take it for granted: I looked at the dimensions.

Height plus weight plus depth, add up those inches. If the number’s over 60, Alaska and apparently other airlines charge you an extra $75 each way. Which adds up fast to the new suitcase you’ll want after buying some of those.

Our old ones were fabric and they’d gotten to where they made our clean clothes arrive smelling like they were on the return trip.

So I’d opened them and put them out in the sun, since that’s the best disinfectant of all (and if it works, the easiest, right?)

I think it was a scrub jay. Nailed his but good. Yeah, it scrubbed clean, but he’ll never look at it quite the same way again.

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Hi there! Where ya going with your shiny new cases? I love my lightweight spinner case…not too big, not too heavy…and bright pink for ease of spotting on the carousel.

Comment by Ruth 04.25.18 @ 11:16 pm

Try some lavender oil on a scrape of fabric, inside a partially closed plastic bag. Store it that way, and it should help. Keeps bugs away, too!

Comment by Anne 04.26.18 @ 12:15 am

Years ago we were in Monterey and a seagull nailed Howard pretty thoroughly. He had to buy a new shirt that day. He still gives gulls a hairy eye (and we have lots of gulls, since we are near Lake Michigan!)

Comment by Mary 04.26.18 @ 5:49 am

Hah! Those birds–sure do know how to aim. 🙂
I’ve found newer suitcases just are not as sturdy as the ones I remember from a while back. Or maybe luggage handlers are not as careful. Our suitcases sort of self-destruct before they smell too much. (Or maybe I am married to a biologist and have two little boys, my standards are low.)

Comment by Joanne 04.26.18 @ 7:02 am

A little touch of nature, then? 🙂

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 04.26.18 @ 2:30 pm

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