Well that socks
Sunday December 03rd 2017, 11:10 pm
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I knit the ribbing for the cuff of my son-in-law’s hat, then doubled every other stitch and hoped that would be enough. Cabling overlaps stitches and draws them in tight and you need a lot more of them to be able to get the thing on your head when you’re done. It sat there for days while I debated whether I needed to rip out and redo those first three rows above the ribbing or not, till I finally decided I had to move forward before I knew enough to decide to go backward. Or not. Try those first cables and see where it got me, but you can’t just sit there.

After all that angst it’s coming out just exactly right and I am very pleased with it. It’s slow going, given that I’m used to knitting lace with its holes and stretch and airspace, whereas this has (at least to some extent) wind-blocking density and a good solid warmth.

As I’ve been working it, the short straight cable needle with its points at each end bemuses me: for years and years, given that I’ve been doing cabled knitting since my teens, I wondered why on earth they sold them in sets of four or five when you only ever needed one.


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Cable needles are like socks … they tend to wander off when you aren’t loooking! Also, missing socks transform themselves into all those extra hangers in your closet.

Comment by Anne 12.03.17 @ 11:20 pm

One the cat takes (cat tax!)
Two ends up in the kitchen as a cake tester. It does a terrible job but we just fill that hole with caramel.
Three is the emergency shawl broach.
Four goes roundabout. Just because.
Five. THAT’S the one you use.

Actually I usually don’t. I just pinch the stitches or let them hang. The cat always has a lean and hungry look.

Comment by Afton 12.04.17 @ 4:11 am

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