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Wednesday December 20th 2017, 11:00 pm
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Happy Birthday to my mom and to Parker! He has been waiting all his life to be seven.

Sat down at 9:00 this morning with the barely-begun and pulled the yarn triumphantly through that last loop at 1:30 on the nose. Put a tag to it (and iced my hands) and got it wrapped and out the door. And another one’s done and another one’s mailed and another one bites the dust. Hopefully that’s not already too much of a spoiler. But–I did it! Saturday delivery, they claim.

Drove from there to Cottage Yarns in South San Francisco. (Nope–their site’s still hacked, don’t look at it like I just did but if you know a good web support person she’s looking and I’d be happy to pass a name on to her.) I got the yarn for two of the three people still waiting–the two I needed to buy for. (Dark but no purple? Oh well that lets out that that and that in my stash. Purple gravitates towards me.) Oh and no brights. (Not that or that or that either, then.) The more I’d thought about it, the more I felt it needed to be superwash, if for no other reason than to be fair to some future grandchild or child helping their aged parents out with the laundry and being horror-stricken at how the favorite hat had come out. Been there comforted the kid when it happened to the Scandinavian sweater I’d knit in high school. So let’s not do that to them.

THAT, then, at the store. Yes. Dark not purple, heathery not a boring solid but going subtle on the hand-dyed look even if he did marry into a definitely artistic family. Good old Mecha by golly. It seemed exactly right to me, and if it’s not, (talking to my sister here) let me quietly know and I’ll try again.

Meantime, yesterday morning I went out and again picked the tomatoes that were far enough along to ripen inside. There was a possibility of snow last night. (So of course it rained instead and the 30-something temps took a night off.) The ripest were at the bottom of the bowl, with a few surprise orange ones added to the top after I thought I’d gotten them all.

Five and a half pounds this time. And yet, still more to come, if they can.

So my day went from fiercely focused to meandering blogging. How was yours?

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Happiest of birthdays all around!

Comment by Jody 12.21.17 @ 2:04 am

That’s some festive centerpiece you’ve got there!

Comment by LynnM 12.21.17 @ 2:52 am

It was different. I sat a Shiva house so the family could head off to the graveside and not worry about the home or deliveries. It was quiet, I watch the news on my iPad and I worked and lining a blanket, I left when they all returned. It was an eerie feeling, being the keeper of the living, while they sent the dead away with love.

Comment by Afton 12.21.17 @ 4:24 am

My day began with a bit of extra sleep – thanks to my love – and was filled with work.

Not a stitch was knit, unfortunately, but I see some free time in my schedule over the coming week.

Best belated birthday wishes to your mom and to Parker! Sending warm hugs to all of you.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 12.21.17 @ 6:47 am

Snow on the ground this morning so today will be a nice stay-in day to get all my multitudinous ducks in a row! DH got the two little ones with “cultural” days set for today to make some Portuguese donuts (malasadas) to take to class. Lots of fun noises coming from the kitchen last night and happy faces as they carried their boxes home to take to school today. It will be a good day for inside stuff and maybe even some cookie baking!

Comment by chris 12.21.17 @ 7:04 am

Followed the link, and the various colors look lovely. (The purple called to me too, I think it must be in our genes…and the ones that had some pink in them. Oh heck, how do you pick just one, ever?)

Comment by Marian 12.21.17 @ 10:32 pm

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