Saturday October 07th 2017, 10:49 pm
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(I just moved it, here, let me straighten up those edges.)

It’s Aftober, named for my friend Afton who instigated the tradition of October being the month for finishing projects. For whatever reason. Be they new or long-dragging, pick it up, get it done, and now you have a reason to.

And that is how the black scarf got done. And today that’s why the teal silk project that had been carried around in my purse since July–well, I did about half of it today and got it over with. It had been dragging because I only bought the one skein at Stitches and I wanted it to be for me since I could not duplicate that yarn nor that color and it matches a lot of things I really like.

But I am not high on my knitting list right now.

But those needles it was dangling from… I wanted those back. And so I freed them of that soft single-ply bombyx and it is drying now. I didn’t spin it out in the washer because of that loose ply–it would fuzz out like crazy in the spinning and I prefer how it looks now, and thus I am moving it around every so often as the one part of the old drying quilt gets a little too damp.

Bombyx silk, i.e. from the silkworms that eat mulberry leaves rather than, say, oak (re tussah silk) has this distinctive smell to it when it’s wet. How much depends on how much of the siricin (silk gum) has been washed out.

It always takes me straight back to my mom’s kitchen and that little dark brown bottle way up high.

I remember asking Mom about it one day.

She told me that her mom had insisted on feeding her kids cod liver oil and had been adamant that Mom have some for her own kids.

Mom dutifully got that bottle and put it up there… Nothing else medicinal in that cabinet, just that. (Maybe where Gram would see it?) It had been there as long as I could remember, unmentioned and untouched as far as I knew.

Mom got it down and opened it up and let me take a whiff.

EWWWW!!!! Gram made you EAT that?!

Just a spoonful.

Mary Poppins and her spoonful of sugar wasn’t going to help that stuff one little one bit. Gag. I winced that Mom had had to go through that. It was clear she appreciated my horror.

You know how grandparents and kids traditionally team up against the parents? On this one, it was me and Mom together, absolutely. Mom chuckled and put it back up there where it could do no harm.

And no the silk doesn’t smell just like that, but there’s just a hint of reminder of it, somehow, to me, anyway.

Never mind that. Nice, soft wormspit around your neck. It’s what’s good for you.

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My mother made me eat a tablespoon of cod liver oil EVERY STINKIN’ DAY! EEEWWW! Is right! That stuff was awful! And to be honest, I was just as susceptible to illness as the next kid who didn’t have to drink that gross tasting oil.

Comment by Jody 10.08.17 @ 2:17 am

Oh, the horrors! My mom went through an Adelle Davis health kick when I was little. Every Saturday morning, she lined the 4 of us up to drink our spoonful of cod liver oil, with a quarter of an orange as a chaser. I cried and gagged every single time. Thankfully it only lasted a few months, but just reading about that oil took me right back to the awful taste. Blech! Your cowl, however, is lovely. I will sign on to Aftober, as I’m trying to finish a jacket this weekend and want to keep the finish-itis going.

Comment by DebbieR 10.08.17 @ 5:40 am

I’m famous! Well, infamous is more like it. Everyone, get out there and finish something. Sign up for knittalk if you haven’t. Enjoy every moment of every day because you never ever know what might happen next. Tell your loved ones how important they are to you. Call up someone from high school and see how they are doing. Write on other people’s blogs. 🙂

Comment by Afton 10.08.17 @ 5:51 am

Ps. Do Not Take Cod Liver Oil.

Comment by Afton 10.08.17 @ 5:52 am

I got my one and only dose of cod liver oil in a glass of orange juice. It was 25 years before I could drink orange juice again! Nasty, nasty stuff! Love the cowl btw – looks nice and soft and hopefully once dry it won’t carry any of that hint of odor! ~chris

Comment by chris 10.08.17 @ 7:48 am

I take it you are feeling well.

Congratulations on both successful projects. So much love… Even the cod oil, back then. Of course, you and your mom knew it.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 10.08.17 @ 6:37 pm

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