That drawing I won, with the tickets and the parking and the food
Tuesday March 28th 2017, 11:07 pm
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Richard took a break during a break and she came down beside me at row 11 a moment.

We both did complete double takes: “Oh my goodness!” in unison. She told me she thought she’d go strike up a conversation with the woman several rows below with the white hair who was knitting during the down times, having no idea it was me.

We couldn’t hear much more than that, either one of us, and gave up but we did get a good hug in later on the way out. An old Purlescence friend. Good times.

So I have now see my first game of ice quidditch. The Sharks were ahead, then down, then won in a stunning overtime that–wait–you mean there aren’t four quarters? It really is over? Oh okay.

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What wonderful prizes! Everybody got something out of it. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 03.29.17 @ 6:26 am

I knew someone ages ago who, when he found out I was a hockey fan, told me about going to his first game, and how confused he was when everyone started leaving after the third period. Since I don’t watch football or basketball, it had never occurred to me that hockey is the odd one for having three!

Comment by ccr in MA 03.29.17 @ 4:35 pm

Well, hockey is a bit of an oddball with only 3 periods – but then how do you explain baseball??? 9 innings – which is really sort of like 18 periods or something? Now that’s weird!

But I like hockey, baseball and Canadian football, so I guess growing up with the differences means that I don’t really think about it.

Vive la difference!
Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 03.30.17 @ 8:40 pm

Ice quidditch? Really?

Hockey is THE sport. Ok, I’m doing baseball because it is closer but really….

Comment by Holly 03.31.17 @ 2:50 pm

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