Monday has never looked so good
Saturday March 25th 2017, 10:20 pm
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She LOVED the blue, passed on the green. So having the washing machine go down worked out well for her.

Had it been my choice, the hot water heater would have waited more than a day to join it.

The city prefers we let them send their inspector on their dime when it comes to gas appliances rather than having you blow up or burn down your house, so, a very nice guy showed up not long after we called–probably not a lot of demand on a Saturday at dinner time–and said the pilot was indeed out.

The winds the previous day had blown open the door to its small outside-facing closet and that almost never happens; had that blown it out?

He looked at the set up and said no, it couldn’t be blown out.

He could get it to relight but it refused to stay lit–probably the thermocouple, he said. Should be an easy fix. This thing says it was built in 2013–no way it should need to be replaced yet, though you may need a new control board if it’s not the other.

So. The washing machine yesterday, the hot water heater today. As the clerk rang up pecan Kringle and frozen macarons with my groceries, I said to her, So what can you do but go to Trader Joe’s and buy sweets?

She cracked up.

The one plumber who answered his phone said he would put us first on his list for Monday, and so it shall be. Actually, wait, there were two, and one said he doesn’t do that anymore but call Chavez, he’s the best in the business.

Chavez, whoever he is, was surprised and thrilled when I passed that word along, pride and humility both in his voice and I liked him already.

The bathtub is full of water for the morning. Room temperature will not be fun but at the outside temp–dang. Just unthinkable.

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Good luck! It should all be fixed soon. And at least it was’t your car trying to kill you. 🙂

Comment by Marian 03.25.17 @ 10:45 pm

Hang in there while you’re roughing it. Hope your Chavez lives up to his reputation.

Comment by LynnM 03.26.17 @ 8:14 am

I think the Trader Joe’s therapy was a very good idea! Whatever it takes to get through the rough spot. And happily, it worked out for the knitting! Good luck with the repairs.

Comment by ccr in MA 03.26.17 @ 9:56 am

You know, sweets and a sponge bath are really the only options at that point! I hope things get better soon.

Comment by Joanne 03.27.17 @ 7:20 am

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