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Tuesday February 28th 2017, 10:24 pm
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Photo: our Santa Rosa plum doing a popcorn impersonation.

Meantime, me: (suppressed grin, sheepish look on face) I think I blew it.

Him: (intrigued–okay, what’s up) You blew it?

Me: Um. Yes. (And then I spilled.) The insurance broker? They send out an email every month that’s a drawing for tickets to a game. A few times a year I hit reply, which is all you have to do to enter, and I, um, won. Got a nice note from Chris with it, since we’ve been his clients for lo these thirty years now. The Sharks game.

Him: Two tickets?

Me: (Well of course.) Yes. (Thinking, Sharks. That’s hockey, right? It is. Right? Yeah, I’ve seen the logo, it is.)

Comes with better parking and premium seats and I guess we have to go now, huh? It’s okay, I promise to only bring a small knitting project.

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Winning hockey tickets story.

It was a contest on the radio. You had to guess how many seats at the stadium that the host could sit in for a certain number of seconds (it equaled their call number).

It was a puzzle AND it related to motor skills which I had quite a bit of knowledge due to my master’s. I ven had a formula for muscle fatigue memorized! So I ran a couple of test runs, figure it out and sent it in and promptly forgot about it.

They called with incredulous voices. I had figured it within one seat and no one else was closer than 50. I got the tickets.

We went. His tallness could hardly sit in the cramped seats due to height, I had never gone to a game before and had no idea how bloody it could be. We left after the first period

With great knowledge comes great discomfort.

Comment by Afton 03.01.17 @ 3:56 am

What a blast! I’m not into contact sports and cringed while watching the first lacrosse (high school) match that my nephew played in after recovering from the concussion.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience but bring enough knitting so you can look down when things get edgy.

Comment by LynnM 03.01.17 @ 12:32 pm

I can do minor league baseball, especially if it is a nice night and I bring knitting. Otherwise, tickets are wasted on us altogether! (Nobody in my house is interested…) Good luck?! Does your husband like this team? Anybody you know need a gift?

Comment by Joanne 03.01.17 @ 1:07 pm

I’ve done a lot of good knitting at Sharks games. I hope the two of you have fun! 🙂

Comment by Alix in MV 03.03.17 @ 3:19 pm

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