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Wednesday February 01st 2017, 11:33 pm
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Done in the lace pattern in Karen’s Water Turtles shawl, just the instructions shown between the asterisks, since there are no side edges.

This project was bugging me. It was on a circular needle with a poorly-made join, the yarn was many strands of cobweb-fine silk and cashmere plied together on my wheel rather than all originally millspun as one, so little bits of that yarn kept snagging against that join. And then I’d have to try to work the silk (it was always the silk) back into its new stitch.

It was my thrown-in-the-purse mindless project for those times when I’d really rather be getting that blanket worked on which is really too big to lug around.

Said blanket was stalled out anyway while I waited for more Rios. It came today (wow Webs was fast!) and wonder of wonders, it matched, and I was itching to get to it.

This was somehow demanding to go first no matter how I felt about it. Just one hour, I told myself. Just do one hour. Sit down and who knows, maybe you’ll even finish it and that would feel great. (I knew it would be more than an hour, and it was–all it had needed was for me to get started so I could keep going.)

Bad photography aside, it’s turquoise and as it came off the needles stitch by stitch I thought, this is actually really nice. What was my problem?

It is blocking as I type and I need to cast on a different purse project. Let me find a different pair of needles first.

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I see you knit the same way I do…in-the-round-inside-out. I can’t get a smooth rhythm going if the stitches won’t slide around the needle in the other position. Someone once told me I was doing it wrong. Not if I get better results!

Comment by Jody 02.02.17 @ 4:11 am

Life is too short to use junky needles. Toss ’em.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 02.02.17 @ 8:28 am

yes, toss the needles. Get irritated at a project because you don’t like the yarn or the stitch? But, as has been mentioned – life is way too short for junky needles. And if you don’t toss them out now – you are going to find yourself doing this again…..

Comment by Holly 02.02.17 @ 10:26 am

I hope you have loads of fun with the new purse project!

Can I come and sit with you for an hour? Just one hour? 🙂

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 02.02.17 @ 12:06 pm

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