If a tree falls in a suburb…
Tuesday January 10th 2017, 11:47 pm
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A few years ago an enormous old eucalyptus tree, one of many in a long line on the hillside, fell across the expressway near Richard’s office at morning rush hour and fortunately hit no one. We saw it from the other side of the divided road, which was heavily littered with smashed bits from the top. Meantime, southbound traffic doing 45 would just crest the hill and there it was right there–we saw the first few terrified drivers doing abrupt u-turns in front of it and heading back going the wrong way, knowing it was rush hour and the speeds and the danger and the cops got that direction shut down immediately. I was impressed.

I have kept a wary eye on those tall flimsy trees on rainy days ever since, and part of another came down at evening rush hour today: again, the authorities hadn’t gotten there yet when we went by, and since traffic could make it around that one it surely wasn’t on the immediate list this time. They are swamped.

We waited at the next light ahead just barely out of the reach of yet another, which was leaning hard over the lines of cars below as gust after gust threatened to javelin us all with it. It felt a lot like being in an east coast hurricane. That trunk was not upright anymore. I do not expect to see it still standing come the morning.

And we’ve got it easy. We have power and heat and no flooding. They’ve clocked winds at 173 mph and there’s water everywhere: we haven’t had this much rain from Oct 1 to this date since 1922. A mudslide on Highway 17 near Richard’s aunt took out the road and an ABC7 news van (and it amuses me that none of the other news outlets identified it as such, only ABC7 did, whereas it was very clear what it was. But I guess you don’t give a boost to the competition? I mean, that’s a heck of a way to get a scoop. I can just imagine, Here comes the mountain right there, do you see it Bob? Bob? Apparently nobody was hurt, so it’s easy to joke about.)

We are not near a creek and this is a good thing right now.

Tomorrow, when it hopefully stops raining for a bit, I will go put the new (it came! Yay!) remote-read temperature sensor with the mango tree and go back to my happy old habit of glancing up at the monitor on the wall every time I walk by to see how it’s doing.

At this point, the frost covers are doing double-duty as just a bit of protection from rain-overdosed roots. Yeah. As if.

And if the sky holds its breath long enough we’ll go up on the roof and see if we can find out what made that nice loud boom up there. No sign of fallen tree that we can tell from the ground, and besides, we already cut down all the ones that threatened to two years ago.

On our property, anyway.

Oh wait, there is that one last one that could have grown over the house again by now. Guess what it is? A thick trunk, but, a eucalyptus.

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We lost power for 5 hours on Sunday. Someone down the street didn’t have a properly trimmed tree. Sat next door with my elderly neighbors for a couple of hours, until their daughter showed up. The wire, sans power, was dipping down in their back yard.

Regarding the thud, do you have a chimney guard? Ours came off in a windstorm once. Could also be a wayward branch from what we call “self-pruning” trees.

Comment by Anne 01.11.17 @ 1:36 am

So glad you are getting the much needed rain and that you are safe as it falls!

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 01.11.17 @ 7:38 am

Snowed in. Driveway plowed shut. two feet of snow, then rain on that; then another 6 inches of snow. Temperatures are now above freezing; several inches of water over snow over 4 inches of ice. OUr last big flood was 1962–we are watching.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 01.11.17 @ 10:17 am

I’m hoping you stay safe and dry. Incredible weather!

Comment by twinsetellen 01.11.17 @ 10:30 am

Take care and stay dry! We’ve got a weather warning– extreme wind chills of -40 to -45 and blowing snow. I am home, in my jammies and a big wool sweater. Super happy that I do not have to go out!

Comment by Joanne 01.11.17 @ 8:09 pm

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