Balm of Gilead
Sunday March 13th 2016, 9:48 pm
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We had stake conference today, which is when a group (i.e. a stake) of wards (i.e. congregations) all come together for a really big joint meeting. Happens twice a year.

Parking is a bit of a zoo and it lets out at noon: a bad time sun-wise for a lupus patient to have to take a long walk, and so as is our usual we decided to get there about forty minutes early.

And as is our usual I brought something to work on before the meeting started, the cowl I’d begun right before we’d left for Salinas yesterday. I was quietly working away on it when the stake president walked by, shook our hands, pointed to the project in my hands and said, We’re going to be talking about that.



Okay, this I wanted to hear.

He spoke last in the two-hour meeting and in the course of his talk he told the tale, sharing a few more details with me afterwards, knowing I’d be interested. (Not so much so as to give away any hint of who it might have been; he simply chuckled fondly when I eagerly offered to share yarn or at least my sources of the good stuff. I’m sure if she wants to know, he’ll make sure she finds me.)

A woman had come to him for counseling. She had had some experiences that had left her struggling with an unwanted sense of bitterness. She had come to him seeking a blessing.

And after hearing her out, he offered up that prayer with her.

And in that prayer he found himself, quite to his surprise, telling her she needed to knit.

That was it. Just, she needed to knit.

I asked him afterwards, Was she someone who used to and her hands had bothered her and she was hoping for healing? Or…?

No, he smiled at me, she never had. This was new.

Now, as he said to the congregation, My mother doesn’t really knit. My wife and sister don’t really knit, I mean, they have, but they don’t… And my daughter has, a little. (He was struggling to describe a Knitter with a capital K without having really experienced one personally, but he knew there were such people and that those who were would instantly understand, and probably everybody else who knows a real Knitter. Or Crocheter for that matter.)

I asked him, So did she?!

Oh, yes! And he told me how she’d made things for all her friends and had created so much happiness around her by it. As he said it, he knew that I would know exactly what that would be like. Even though he doesn’t really know me.

But he knows that I knit, and he understood.

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Funny how it all works out.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 03.14.16 @ 8:03 am


I get it.

Comment by Afton 03.14.16 @ 8:10 am

Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways. And a (small or large K) knitter will tell you that sometimes knitting is pretty mysterious.

Not surprised about the connection and the blessing. Not one little bit.

Wish it worked that way for everyone, but I know a few knitters and crocheters who somehow have missed the blessing part. While they do good work and Good Works, they somehow have not caught the joy. It can be pretty hard-going trying to help them see the connection, but I do try.

Blessings to you!
Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 03.14.16 @ 7:06 pm

Large K Knifty.

Comment by twinsetellen 03.14.16 @ 8:33 pm

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