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Sunday January 10th 2016, 12:12 am
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Growth happens at the top and the tips.

So, y’know, you kind of squint at that first peach tree, picturing the possibilities of, if you prune┬áhere and here, how will it shape its future self in response. The bud on this side of the limb will grow in that direction, the one a little lower on the other side,┬áthat’ll grow in the other and you don’t want that because you want the center opened up so light will get in and help make all the fruit sweeter. The sun is magical like that.

I need another growth bud over thisaway and honey there ain’t one.

That top got pruned last summer and still it’s way too high now but they say you don’t want to take more than a third of the tree away and there’s a lot of it up there.

You consider all these things and walk back inside with none of it done. Monday. Monday for sure. I need more staring time first to try to picture it all so I do it right.

(Well, that sounds good, anyway. I think I’m just a little afraid of it, and writing that out loud makes it sound as ridiculous as it is and easier to just get to it. Thanks, blog: I needed that.)

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I know what you mean about looking and thinking about a pruning. You can’t put it back on afterwards, but you can always take away more if you need. It’s a luxury, in a way, to do your own pruning as you can look at it and go away and think about it some and come back and look at it again. I’ve done that with many branches on something I want to shape.
Carpenters have the saying “Measure twice, cut once.” That could be modified to “Think/Look twice, cut once.” LOL

Comment by Helen 01.10.16 @ 11:15 am

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