Thursday December 10th 2015, 11:57 pm
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I had never had a fresh persimmon in my life before I moved here, much less known that there are two types and that if you want the Hachiya kind, you pretty much have to live near a tree. Shipping is not the strong point of a fruit that is ripe when the texture becomes a soft jelly inside.

Last year my neighbor with the persimmon tree let me help her pick and give away several hundred pounds’ worth this time of year and even so I only got to about half; the rest were too high for my telescoping fruit picker.

She sent me a note looking forward to my coming again this year and I considered for about a nanosecond, picturing that quite heavy, awkward pole and prongs swinging well above my head and the way I occasionally managed to crash it down last time, hopefully but not always entirely controlled… No, I argued with myself, just no way, this is not my year for it, concussion-wise, I couldn’t dare. Too much risk.

I offered to find replacement pickers if she needed the help and she had someone else who wanted to, no problem, thanks. And that was that.

I thought. Wistfully.

There was a bag at our door. She wanted to wish me good health and she hadn’t wanted me to miss out–she knew how much I liked them.

Suddenly it’s a harvest year to remember in a good way. I was not expecting that. Verklempt.

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Aw! What a nice neighbor!

Comment by Jody 12.11.15 @ 6:17 am

I did not know how to eat or use them, so I tried a recipe for persimmon pudding. It turned out to be slightly fruit flavored flour. I would like to try them once with someone who knows how to eat them. LOL.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 12.11.15 @ 6:43 am

A ripe persimmon is a thing of beauty! There is nothing better than cutting it up, peeling it back on its skin and slurping out that gooey soft goodness. I hope it helps you to heal–you had a doozy this time, it sounds like. What a kind neighbor. Take care.

Comment by Joanne 12.11.15 @ 9:24 am

Do you plan to eat them or bake with them? I have a bowl full from my dad – his tree in Portland, OR had a HUGE crop with our very warm/long summer this year. I think I will make muffins.

Comment by Sydney 12.11.15 @ 1:27 pm

Chopped persimmon in lemon yogurt – my current favorite way to eat them.

Comment by twinsetellen 12.11.15 @ 9:44 pm

Mom bought a few a couple of times, don’t know where she got them, but they were a rarity. She said that Adele Davis’s original cookbook featured several recipes, seeing as how she had access to them, but not every place does. I like the yogurt idea but I don’t know that I’ll ever get to try it.

Comment by Marian 12.12.15 @ 1:09 am

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