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Saturday November 28th 2015, 11:21 pm
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It was already thirty-five degrees out there and Richard needed to do a Trader Joe’s run, with me not up to it yet (but a whole lot better than yesterday) and at that shivery, he went looking for the fleece liner to his jacket that he only adds in a few days a year.

He found that the connector snap on one sleeve had come off at some unknown point, though, and so he came and showed me what to me was a random bit of fabric with an open snap on it. Usually it’s greek-to-me electronic parts in his hands but this was fabric, but it didn’t correspond to anything in any clothing of mine. I figured out fast that it was meant to connect the liner and I was wondering where, though, but when he saw me doing a head tilt, he started trying to describe why it was needed…he helpfully demonstrated the one sleeve in the other (and comically far out the wrist end so I wouldn’t miss it.) He explained that it’s hard to keep the inner sleeve from bunching up on your arm with the friction against the inside of the outer sleeve without its being tethered in place first with those snaps. He went on at some length.

While I tried harder and harder not to burst out laughing and then quite failed. With two layers of sweaters on, myself, because hey, it’s cold, I demonstrated pinching the cuff at the inner wrist with my fingertips for precisely that reason. Pinch to grab, insert. No bunching. (And also why 3/4 length sleeves going into long sleeves are such a hassle.)

This was entirely a novelty to my non-sweater-wearing, always-warm husband, and I guffawed: You’re (mumble mumble) years old and you’ve never learned to do that?!! Or that you need to??

He gave me this goofy grin back. Nope!

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Hahaha! Maybe it’s only a girl thing to learn! Like stretching out your lip when applying lipstick.

Comment by Jody 11.29.15 @ 6:37 am

Whoa! He doesn’t know that trick? My twins (age 4) know if and remember to do it themselves now about half the time. Of course, we wear long sleeves and sweaters or “fuzzies”-polar fleece under our parkas every day from November through April here…and we start practicing with lighter weight coats in October, of course. :). The twins are both having a cold so the big outing was a walk in the neighborhood. I heard that “tracking” the sidewalk plow and playing in the ridges it left was the best part of the walk. Yup, we have had snow here for two weeks already. 🙂

Take care of that noggin, OK?!

Comment by joanne 11.29.15 @ 9:34 pm

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