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Tuesday September 08th 2015, 9:45 pm
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Michelle stopped by a bit, reporting that there had been a baby squirrel pawing at the window next to the door trying to figure out why it couldn’t just walk through that solid nothingness and go on in. She said it was very cute and it wasn’t afraid of her.

Right, you have to teach a city squirrel to be afraid.

She was telling me this just as a mama black squirrel and her slightly grayer baby were walking carefully, slowly down the fence line next to the kitchen, looking like it was its first exploration out into the world. I went from feeling like, you can’t humor those things! to, oh, that little one was just so cute. Even if I wish the squirrels didn’t produce a second crop of babies in August, I have enough of them to thwart. Adorable!

Two days ago I was telling Richard the squirrels had taken a deep bite out of a zucchini and left the rest–apparently they didn’t like it either. He chuckled. Today that zucchini was bigger and they actually somehow picked the thing and tried to haul it up the fence.

Good luck with that.

As far as I can tell they touched just the one and left the rest alone rather than taking a single bite out of everything and ruining the others to sit and rot. Given that they used to strip my underripe Fujis in a day–pick, bite, toss, repeat till gone–this was kind of amazing.

I think it means they’re hungry out there.

So far my now-clamshelled apples are still safe. Little fruity windows. No you can’t come in.

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I watched a squirrel jogging along the top of the wood fence with a whole pear in its mouth–kind of astonished it would fit. Lost a squash hanging against the chain link fence because of long, raking teeth marks along the back side of it until it went through the skin and turned it black. (This was after the one big squash got stolen before it was even turning color.) So I have nothing from my Queensland Blue so far, but it’s trying again with three new ones coming, and I’ve pulled them to the inside of the fence top and put bubble wrap over all approaching surfaces. I just want to get to taste what I grow!

Comment by Marian S. 09.09.15 @ 4:46 pm

I’m with the squirrels – just not a fan of zucchini. But I watched one sitting on its hind legs munching an apple from our big tree out in the yard tonight, and thought, that squirrel has good taste!

Comment by twinsetellen 09.09.15 @ 5:38 pm

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