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Thursday September 03rd 2015, 9:55 pm
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Today: saw a Downy woodpecker, for the first time ever here, and it came again and again and again to the birdfeeder. Testing, testing, one, two, three, and no, you don’t peck through the tube, you have to go to the feeding portals. It figured it out quickly and was quite happy hanging upside down and reaching in. They’re not usually seedeaters, but this one was interested. Curious.

And last night.

What was THAT? we looked at each other. Man, that was loud! I could picture claws ripping up the foam roof as the animals scrambled around each other up there.

I grabbed the squirt gun, stepped outside past the patio in the dark and aimed the weak but hopeful stream in the general direction. I figured they don’t jump, so no worries there. Going back inside, the raccoon fight or whatever it was had ended, probably at the sound of the door opening as much as anything.

It wasn’t till today that it occurred to me that actually, given that we’ve had a few¬†within a mile or so of our house, if it had been a mountain lion, yes, it could have.


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Yikes! I would like to think a mountain lion might make more growling noises, so as to tip you off. And that the other of your “we” might stop you from stepping outside. Let’s just play with lion finger puppets instead, shall we?

Comment by DebbieR 09.04.15 @ 7:07 am

Just thought I’d drop by to agree with DebbieR.

And to mention that we get downy and hairy woodpeckers all the time on our seed feeder and they seem to understand how to get the seeds (or the bugs in the seeds?). Hard to tell the difference without a ruler beside them since they look so much alike (per my Peterson’s) except for body and beak size and they’re too far away for me to be sure. They love the suet feeder more than the seeds, of course. But shouldn’t you have both of them in your area, too?

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 09.05.15 @ 2:28 pm

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