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Wednesday April 15th 2015, 10:13 pm
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Me: The scan was fine so I can cancel that appointment, right? (I feel fine. I don’t want to be a patient. I’ve been a patient a lot. Now it’s my turn to just plain be an ordinary person while I can for as long as I can and I’m pretending I never have to do the patient thing again and just let me enjoy my break while I have it, willya.)

The nurse: Um, no, you better go.

The specialist: The scan was not quite so perfectly fine.

And that is how I ended up having a procedure done today that was an inpatient one done under anesthesia back in my mom’s day. I did not know this doctor, but he struck me as being terribly weary of inflicting pain on the innocent. But the thing is what it is. I had no idea what other burdens he might be bearing; my heart went out to him. I wanted badly to comfort him, to tell him it’s his job to do his best to keep us healthy and it’s our job to be grateful for his efforts and skills and caring. It wouldn’t bother him if he didn’t care, it’s a sign he’s a good person. As for my end of things, it would be just one day–or the start of knowing what to cope with, and knowledge itself is power over illness, along with all the love in the world.

I at last got him to laugh when I told him I was going to call my daughter and tell her what I did to celebrate her birthday. He did seem better after that.

And the verdict is (roll the drums, blast the trumpets): no bladder cancer. The Remicade and Humira side-effects haven’t gotten to me yet. And I say (waving my magic wand, making it so) they never will. So there.

And the knitter in me wonders if I should knit him a hat. A warm and soft one.

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Yay for no bladder cancer! Although, I’m sorry you had to have yet another procedure… The hat would be a lovely gift for a doctor who sounds very caring and warm-hearted. Your heart leads your fingers where they need to go, as always!

Comment by Pegi 04.16.15 @ 2:47 am

Whew! Dodged that bullet! Would it help you to take supplemental vitamin D3 to support immunity, since you can’t be in the sun to make your own?

Comment by Jody 04.16.15 @ 3:15 am

Rat-a-tat-tat! Rat-a-tat-tat! Tootie-toot-toot! Bring on the parade! I do so hope the pain and discomfort is minimal and don’t cause you any further issues. And happy birthday to your daughter.

Comment by DebbieR 04.16.15 @ 5:51 am

Good news is good news, no matter how it is delivered.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 04.16.15 @ 7:37 am

So glad you have dodged that bullet! I think a soft warm hat would be greatly appreciated!

Comment by Mary 04.16.15 @ 8:29 am

Hurray for good news! You have a lot of patience and compassion when it comes to dealing with all this. :). Glad you are fine. I am going to bet no one else put so much thought into how the doctor was feeling…

Comment by joanne 04.16.15 @ 12:00 pm

Hourra! Love reading good news. 🙂

With your insight and connection with yarn, I know you will find the right present to knit.

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 04.16.15 @ 1:22 pm

But in the next life, you need to ask for the deluxe body with an infinite warranty.

Comment by LauraN 04.16.15 @ 7:25 pm

Good news, so glad. And you have already given that doctor a gift (though I know that won’t stop you from giving another).

Comment by twinsetellen 04.18.15 @ 6:49 pm

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