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Thursday July 04th 2013, 9:45 pm
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Happy Fourth!

And my apologies for forgetting to say that in last night’s post. Yesterday shouted reminders that I do, in fact, have lupus, brainstem no less, and it was a distraction.

Today was better.

Learned something new today. To quote Wikipedia (slightly shortened):

“The most important sense for the raccoon is its sense of touch.[52]  Almost two-thirds of the area responsible for sensory perception in the raccoon’s cerebral cortex is specialized for the interpretation of tactile impulses, more than in any other studied animal.[56] They are able to identify objects before touching them with vibrissae located above their sharp, nonretractable claws.[57] The raccoon’s paws lack an opposable thumb and thus it does not have the agility of the hands of primates.”

Whiskers on their paws? Curious. And they show a picture of one up in an apple tree. Bingo.

The paws on ours seem pretty agile to me; the little Tarzan both charmed and aggravated by figuring out how to pull the clamshells apart at the center to raid the apples. There were two clamshells that were still on the tree, still closed shut–empty. And bent open at the middle just enough for me to picture the thing going Yow! as it snapped to on its paws–but it did it again.

The others were left alone so far.

And so last night I experimented: I taped the clamshells shut at the center with clear shipping tape.

So far so good.

After checking on them tonight, I ate my very first homegrown blueberry ever, and although it was supposed to be a small wild blueberry and I expected tart, it was sweet and it was good; our heat wave probably added to the sugar content.

The critters haven’t discovered those yet.

(Edited to show off and add a link to my nephew, one of my sister Anne’s boys, playing a composition of his.)


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Outfox the critters, yes sirree, and sometimes it takes some doing. Remember when Dad nailed a saucer sled on top of a pole to make a birdfeeder that the squirrels couldn’t get over? We watched them shinny up the wood, then try to take on that aluminum curve and fail to find enough purchase + momentum to make it to the edge and over the rim. One day we watched one squirrel make one desperate try and actually scrabble over–never repeated, but it was crazy.

Clear heavy tape sounds like a good idea, looks the same as yesterday, won’t act the same. Do you think it will take another day to figure out that his claws will slice that center? Hope the critter’s not that adept or perceptive. Good luck!

Comment by Marian 07.04.13 @ 11:52 pm

Oh, and P.S.–we had to leave our apple trees behind in selling the house, and spring at this place had two seeming identical flowering trees, one on this property, one behind over the fence…but I looked out the back door last week and realized that the one behind was growing apples. Branches hanging over our side of the fence, same owner, presently vacant for repairs–we will still have apples! How cool is that? And pears in the other corner.

Comment by Marian 07.04.13 @ 11:56 pm

You might also try a staple in the center part of the plastic.

Comment by LauraN 07.05.13 @ 4:10 am

Thanks for sharing the link! Musical talent abounds in your family.

Comment by Channon 07.05.13 @ 7:31 am

oh yummy — this makes me think of when we used to do a Teddy Bear convention every spring in Nevada City, CA — there were wild berries all along the back of the parking area around the facility the show was done in — sweet memories

Comment by bev 07.05.13 @ 7:51 am

Seems that I’m not the only one having trouble opening the clamshells.

Comment by Donald Meyer 07.05.13 @ 8:58 am

Coming to this post from reading a Ravelry comment on spinning by feel, in the dark…I bet racoons would be excellent spinners!

Comment by twinsetellen 07.05.13 @ 1:17 pm

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