One month already!
Wednesday May 08th 2013, 9:44 pm
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Happy first-month celebrations to Hudson!

Costco had Stella ultra-dwarf cherry trees today.  Grow it in a big pot, never have to prune, go ahead and make use of that one little sunny spot outside the laundry room that’s too close to the house for free-range roots.

About ninety cherries a year forever after for about the price of a skein of yarn. (Oh wait. Pot and potting soil. Three.) I am seriously tempted.

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Get it. Figure it is a “new haircut” present. (I’m getting one of those today too. And talking to the hairdresser about how I can go all silver at once. She promises me has a way that doesn’t involve magic wands and incense.)

Comment by afton 05.09.13 @ 4:58 am

I agree – get it!

LOVE the hair. Thankee! 😉

Comment by Channon 05.09.13 @ 6:37 am

I agree you need the tree! I love the “bangless” hairdo! Looks great! And I’d like to know how Afton’s hairdresser is going to let the hair go silver all at once. I’m so tired of coloring!

Comment by Jody 05.09.13 @ 7:25 am

Happy one month Hudson!

Comment by Jody 05.09.13 @ 7:25 am

…And the wave parted!

Comment by Donald Meyer 05.09.13 @ 9:08 am

Oh, yes! Perfect haircut!! Thank you for indulging me! (You DID post the photo just for me, right, Alison?) 🙂
And I vote for the cherry tree, too!

Comment by Gelene (DebbieR's mom) 05.09.13 @ 9:39 am

You look terrific. That’s all she wrote.

Comment by Beth in Maryland 05.09.13 @ 10:51 am

Congratulations on the haircut. I love the picture, too.

And best birthday wishes to Hudson.


Comment by RobinM 05.09.13 @ 2:34 pm

Great photo, terrific cut.

Afton, you’ll have to share that secret. My hair specialist says mine is still uneven and he doesn’t think I would look good silver. Well, I guess. So he keeps coloring it approximately my (former) natural color.

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 05.09.13 @ 4:24 pm

P.S. I forgot. Get the cherry before they sell out. Quick.

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 05.09.13 @ 4:25 pm

Can I vote multiple times for the cherry tree? I love cherries! And your hair looks wonderful. 🙂

Comment by Kelli King 05.09.13 @ 7:16 pm

I don’t personally like cherries, but I say go get the tree, too. Sharp photo, sis!

Comment by Marian 05.09.13 @ 8:14 pm

Beautiful woman, great haircut. Time to update you blog photo!

Comment by Anne 05.09.13 @ 8:54 pm

Happy day Hudson! And also to his lovely Grandma…the haircut is seriously cute!

Comment by Pam 05.10.13 @ 6:14 am

OOhhh Something like that could work for out patio!!!

Comment by Diana Troldahl 05.10.13 @ 4:40 pm

Everyone (including me) likes the hair. I also like that smile. (and cherries…)

Comment by twinsetellen 05.10.13 @ 8:40 pm

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