Stitches West day two
Saturday February 25th 2012, 11:00 pm
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(For those coming here for the first time, Purlescence has copies of my book at the cover price, plus I assume shipping and tax; you’d have to ask them the details. I come in Thursdays if you want yours signed.)

I was coming down Highway 101 just past NASA Ames on my way to Stitches when I saw it: kiting on the wind, unusually close to the ground and to the road so that I was able to make out actual details in that brief moment–an adult peregrine falcon. I tell you. The day would go well.

And overall yes it most definitely did.

I had several people who had offered to lift the scooter out of the car when I got there–but down is easy, right? I just went ahead and did it.

That got me my comeuppance: I had found what was as far as I saw the last spot and it was on level B at Santa Clara Convention Center, not far from the elevator.  I thought, score! I found one without having to ride a long way in in the sun from the Great America lot!

There was a step of goodly height surrounding that elevator. No curb cutouts. Nada. A flight of stairs was the other option (yeah that works, uh huh). Had I ridden around the garage to the next level, I knew there would be cars coming at me going from bright sun to dark shadows and possibly being unable to see something they would never expect down in the roadway. Not an option.

At that point I could have called for help, but I was outside. The sun time I had had to spend yesterday had already caused some lupus flare warnings; my choice was, back or heart. Or autonomic nervous system damage. No contest. I did it, but I paid for it.

Okay, enough of that, on with the Stitches report.

Antonio and the rest of the crew at Malabrigo loved the shawlette made from their Sock, loved the two-colorway lined hat, and I loved that they loved seeing a little of what they create becomes. They are such nice folks, and their yarns are so soft.

Susan and crew at Abstract Fibers loved the shawlette I’d made down to the last two yards of a skein of their Picasso baby alpaca. (I’m the daughter of an art dealer; I had to knit a yarn called Picasso.)

And I got to hug Dianne at Creatively Dyed.  Karen and Barbara at Royale Hare. And so many more.

And… A few years ago, I bought some silk from Lisa Souza in her Earth Birth colorway, (glancing at her site) Max looks like the right one. It was a Friday at Stitches; I took it home, knit straight till bedtime, rinsed it and laid it to dry having used up the whole thing and then I showed it off to her the next day. There you go–done! (There may have been some ego involved. Just a tad.)

So, yesterday I was remembering that story out loud to Lisa and Rod as I pounced on the perfect silk in the perfect color: Blackbewwie, a deep shade maroon with a bit of plum to it. 750 yards.

Today. I roll up to their booth. I reach into my tote bag. I pull out: the  Blackbewwie.

“It’s BEAUTIFUL, Alison!” Lisa exclaimed. (While her face went, Buh buh buh but *how*?!) She loved the pattern, she loved how it had come out, but, (holding this full circular shawl up, looking at it, looking at me)…!

Totally set her up. It was her Sock Merino and I’d bought it last year.


I just happened to have someone else I needed to knit that color for now.

DebbieR, Carol, Katrina, Jasmin, and Kevin all offered to help get the scooter back in later; Kevin got to do the honors. We stepped off that elevator at level B–

–he could not believe it. He pointed out where a curb cut should have started from and tried to fathom how the center had been built with such a stupid mistake or how it could have been allowed to have been left that way. No handicapped slots there was not an excuse.

Preach it, brother.

Then he made it look absolutely effortless as he got that scooter down there and then lifted the whole thing back up into my car.

I spent careful, slow time on the treadmill that Ruth gave me, last night and again today; it helped my back more than anything else has. This cheers me greatly. It will be over soon.

Stitches for me was over far too soon. I have a whole collection of super heroes and I love them all.

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Wonderful. Thanks for the report.

Comment by RobinM 02.26.12 @ 4:04 am

Hooray — except for the curb. What an oversight. I’m glad your back liked walking; mine does too.

Comment by Channon 02.26.12 @ 4:19 am

Last I heard you were pondering what to make for Antonio. Did I miss pics of the shawlette and hat or didn’t you post them yet?

Hope the center gets that curb cut-out soon. It would have made your day easier.

Comment by LynnM 02.26.12 @ 5:49 am

I can’t imagine what the parking garage inspector was thinking…or was NOT thinking, when he checked out the curbing at that place! I hope the oversight doesn’t cause you pain. I’m glad you had a good time at Stitches West.

Comment by Jody 02.26.12 @ 6:41 am

Those batteries are heavy! I’m amazed you did it because I lift my mom’s cart. Well, I use to, now I try to find excuses not to be around when it’s battery time. I tell her that I’m getting old too, you know?

Comment by afton 02.26.12 @ 7:14 am

Oh I do hope the walking helps a whole lot with the back pain, and the flare warnings calm right down without any trouble.

That whole convention center parking is a problem. A few years ago, a friend and I stayed two nights in the hotel there while attending PIQF. When we checked in Friday, the only parking was across the street by Great America. “We have reservations! And luggage! And sewing machines! ????” Eh, too bad. We had a full day of classes plus the fashion show. Finally I had a break to move my car. At 9pm. No. The shuttle isn’t available. ?????? So I had to walk in the dark to my car, luckily it sat lonely in that vast parking lot so I could clearly see around and in it while approaching.

I am so glad we had at least a brief visit! Sorry I was on a tight time schedule with another friend having to leave at 3. We made the bit-over-an-hour trip home. Dropping the friends off, ooh! Chilly! As I reached for my sweater………what!???? Rats! Must’ve set it down when I stuffed that last skein in my backpack. I’ve left my info at security’s lost and found. It was still a very nice day!

Comment by DebbieR 02.26.12 @ 9:20 am

it amazes me that all these years after the ADA legislation how many places STILL don’t conform!

I’m so glad you got to go and enjoy the people and the show

Comment by Bev 02.26.12 @ 9:41 am

Regarding the no-curb-cut, I hope you, or somebody made the appropriate noises to the appropriate people. That sort of thing would make me furious, and noisy!

Comment by Don Meyer 02.26.12 @ 10:29 am

Oh, I wish I could have seen the faces when you pulled that shawl out of your bag. You have a bit of mischief in you, don’t you?!

I do hope the back eases and the flare warnings turn out to be false.

Comment by twinsetellen 02.26.12 @ 5:47 pm

Taking care of yourself needs to trump a lot of things. Glad you had a good day, and VERY glad there were no horrible consequences.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 02.26.12 @ 11:40 pm

@LynnM: I wanted to, I intended to, but some necessary family knitting got in the way for this year.

Comment by AlisonH 02.27.12 @ 12:26 am

One of these days…one of these days. I’ll be there too. So glad you had a great time!

Comment by karin maag-tanchak 02.27.12 @ 9:12 pm

Ah, so glad you had a good time! And curbs- argh. I think we should make the architects and construction folks tour a few of these places in wheelchairs. It would give them a whole new point of view.

Comment by RobinH 02.29.12 @ 11:25 am

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