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Thursday July 14th 2011, 11:12 pm
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My DrGreene.com post for Thursday is here.

A quiet day of knit, write, knit, write, knit, erase/write over again, with the occasional glance out the window (and a happy dose of Purlescence time near the end and some atrocious puns at Lene’s.)

A finch saw it. There it was. I was holding out on her, and look, no other finches in there to argue over it. Hey! She eyed me and hopped up from the doorway to the outer ledge of the window, exploring the glass oh-so-tentatively with her beak, hopping awkwardly down the narrow length of it and back, checking out that measuring cup just inside the window–clearly, her Pyrex was half full.

Well, nuts. She hopped back down to the sliding door as if waiting for me to open it. It’s there, the sunflowers are right there, why can’t I have it all to myself all that lovely lovely seed and not have to share it with that horde behind me? Let me in! We’ll be friends!

Two chickadees, meantime, birdwatched her at their favorite restaurant.

And a lace shawl slowly worked its way towards reality.

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Never trust a chickadee. My blackberries are gone – thanks to some winged two legged animal that only ate the RIPE ones.

I would be more “harumpish” if it didn’t amuse me so.

Comment by afton 07.15.11 @ 6:36 am

I miss the jay who would eat my garlic toast when I was sitting on the porch in the morning. However, there is an active nest under the awning near my bedroom window, and the goings-on are of great interest to Kodak the cat. She sits on the inside sill, watching. The nerve!

Comment by Patty Day 07.15.11 @ 7:09 am

Sorry Alison… that plethora of lilies trumps everything for me. That’s just stunning!!

Comment by Channon 07.15.11 @ 7:16 am

This morning., dropping some stuff off for hubby, I missed hitting a gopher by inches, I saw him pause, look at me, think for a moment and make a mad dash across the street in front of me, we have had this conversation before he has a bad habit turning up in that exact place and doing the exact same thing, he knows I’ll slow down and let him cross, I just don’t like when he hesitates half way across the road, nature makes life interesting, if not entertaining

Comment by kristy phipps 07.15.11 @ 7:47 am

ah, your little chickadees! lovely pictures — and I’m enjoying your guest posts on DrGreene too

Comment by Bev 07.15.11 @ 8:35 am

Oh I so agree with your Dr. Greene entry, I thought the teen years wonderful, too. The only time I found a bit difficult was between 1 and 2 when my sons were mobile but didn’t really grasp boundaries or understand why they couldn’t do something. I disagree with most of the world and found the “terrible twos” a good age as they understood so much more. Each year just got better and better and they are now fine young men. I’m sure your kids had terrific childhoods since we can see what fine adults they’ve become. Makes a mama proud!

Comment by Madeline 07.15.11 @ 7:33 pm

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