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Thursday July 23rd 2009, 6:18 pm
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Re the palm trees in yesterday’s post: Richard’s reaction was, Oh, they trim those all the time.  Then we drove past them this morning, and he went, Wow. They really did!

Re the acorns in Tuesday’s post: I’ll admit it now, one of my reactions was, oh my goodness, look at all those, that’s almost as big as *my* stash!

Re the surgeon: kudos to him for his reaction to my saying, in response to his asking if there were anything I was putting off doing before the surgery, that I’d wanted to go to a knitting conference in Portland.  (Saying “Sock Summit” to a man I’d just met, much less one about to cut into me, was just pushing too far–I wanted this guy on my side without starting out by weirding him out.)

He got this wistful-looking smile on his face, eyes off in the distance, mouth absent-mindedly halfway open, and then repeated the words,  approvingly but a little wide-eyed, “A knitting conference.”

Yes, I told him, with Richard nodding his head, and explained that I’d written a knitting book (still on sale at Knitpicks) that was selling very well.  He loved it; he told me his daughter was a knitter and that he was going to have to go buy a copy.

Okay, I already liked the guy on the spot and now I’m totally a fan. And in case his daughter doesn’t know about it (note that I have no idea how old she is) I am so going to pass along the word about Stitches West next February right in our own backyard for her.  Heh.

Yeah, (checking the Ravelry membership stats, 398, 424 registered users as of this writing) there are a few of us other knitters out there to help keep her company there.

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Have you seen the new Harry Potter movie? I saw it yesterday. I think this was in the book, but had forgotten it. Albus Dumbledore declares himself a fan of knitting patterns. I guess they’re a form of magic.

Comment by LauraN 07.23.09 @ 6:24 pm

oh I like this doctor – 😀

Comment by rho 07.23.09 @ 6:55 pm

Wow! Nothing like an understanding doctor! Does that mean you get to go?



Mother tongue: when you find yourself speaking to your kids just like your mother spoke to you.

You know you’re getting old when it’s the doctors and not the police who warn you to slow down.

Bank: An institution that urges you to save part of what you earn, then lends you money so you can spend more than you earn.

If you can’t say anything good about a person…you just qualified for a job on a tabloid newspaper.

Some people grow up and spread joy and happiness. Some people just grow up and spread.

Cat: Beast of birdin’.

Thanks to the miraculous strides in medicine, people live longer–giving them the extra time needed to pay their medical bills.

Some people’s idea of keeping a secret is refusing to divulge who told it to them.

The worst part about being a good sport is you have to lose in order to prove it.

By the time a man learns to behave himself, he’s too old to do anything else.

Nature couldn’t make us perfect, but at least it made us blind to our faults.

Just because the American dream is based on the pursuit of happiness, doesn’t mean you’re going to catch it.

Extrasensory perception: That’s when you could use some extra sense just to have any perception at all.

Never judge a book by the motion picture of the same title.

Some folks are born losers, and others have to work at it.

Anyone who thinks the competitive spirit has died is someone who certainly never drives during rush hour.

Comment by Don Meyer 07.23.09 @ 7:19 pm

Sounds like you got another good Dr:)

Comment by TripletMom 07.23.09 @ 8:03 pm

In light of the woodpecker video (which we laughed a lot over), go look at the XKCD comic ( today. It’s the one titled “Woodpecker”.

Glad to know you have an understanding doctor. Did he say you could go?

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 07.23.09 @ 9:51 pm

Oh good, a doctor who is a real person with real family, and a knitter in the mix, a very, very good find! 🙂

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 07.24.09 @ 5:14 am

I’m curious too: did the doctor approve of your trip to the Summit?

I am happy that you are getting along with your doctor, as well. That will make a huge impact on the whole adventure. I know I just about fell in love with mine – that’s how wonderful (and good looking) he is. Alas, I had a one time need and will not see him again. *sigh* lol Just kidding! I am glad I don’t have to return to his office.

Thank you for the smiles, again, this morning!

Comment by Suzanne 07.24.09 @ 5:36 am

Dumbledore did announce in the book that he likes to read knitting patterns, but I’m sure you remember that too.

And yay for knitters and connections. I introduced my vet to Ravelry.

Comment by Channon 07.24.09 @ 6:39 am

He sounds like a true winner :-}
I’m SO glad :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 07.24.09 @ 9:26 am

A Good Doctor is Hard to Find. 🙂 Glad you got one.

Comment by karin maag-tanchak 07.24.09 @ 11:26 am

Congrats on finding a doc who realizes things other than bones knit.

Comment by Leslie 07.24.09 @ 11:32 am

Hoping to see you at the Summit, congrats on finding a real human doctor.

Comment by Joan 07.24.09 @ 11:45 am

I know what you mean about saying “sock summit” to strangers (or even acquaintances); it just sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? 😉

Comment by Jocelyn 07.24.09 @ 2:15 pm

Ha love it. Perfect doctor to work with. Love him.

Comment by Alicia 07.28.09 @ 8:47 am

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