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Tuesday April 14th 2009, 7:11 pm
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When my folks were raising us six kids, there was a day when Mom hauled my brother to the emergency room–Washington, DC is not a small town–and the receptionist looked up and smiled, “Oh hello, Mrs. Jeppson. What is it this time?”

I heard that story from Mom when I called her 26 years ago wailing, “Do kids survive childhood!” after my baby, my first, 13 months old and a determined climber, had ended up in the ER two Fridays in a row.

Mom laughed and reminded me of all the things I’d done that had helped lead up to that receptionist’s question.

But I dunno. When you call the hospital (this was today) and the person who answers recognizes your voice…

Two and a half months ago, after my surgery, they told me that some ileostomy patients eventually become allergic to the standard skin protectant they were using.  Hopefully I wouldn’t be one of them.

And I thought, my stars, have you ever met my feral immune system? It is NOT housebroken!

Two and a half months.  The fungal and yeast tests came back negative, the allergy patch flaming. That stoma paste is SO busted.  There’s an expensive alternative, and my insurance is just going to have to take it.  (I know,  I know, given January, we’ll all weep for them.)

You guys out there in the industry, creating Eakins and the like, you’d better keep researching and inventing fast, because at this rate I’m just plain hosed.

I think I’ll go wrap me up in a blanket for which I am exceedingly grateful to my friends and knit. Something complicated that will require a lot of focus.

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Oh my Heavens! You need this like a third thumb. What you DO need is a good dose of humor, and I have some more of those politician one-liners from yesterday. Hey! I didn’t forget!

Much has been said about balancing the budget. It has been found that the budget is more talkable than balanceable.
The campaign is when the candidate tells what he stand for and the election is when the votes tell if they can stand for his being elected.
Actually, elections are different from politics. Elections come and go while politics are with us all the time.
The winning candidate is elected and inoculated.
In January, the president makes his Inaugural Address after he has been sworn at.
Once he is elected, sometimes the president has to work 24 hours a day until he finds out what he is supposed to do.
The nominees are usually called candidates or campaigners although I have heard them called other things.
One of the strictest rules is all dark horses running for president must be people.
Popular votes tell who is the most popular. Electoral votes tell who is the most elected.
Heredity is a bad thing in politics because it gets us kings instead of presidents.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.14.09 @ 7:30 pm

Oh no! I’m allergic to lots of meds…have had some really horrendous rashes and reactions. If this particular one itches badly, I do have a tried and true recommendation – available at your drug store and even grocery stores in their health and hygiene type depts. It comes in a tube and is called ITCH-X. When I went for allergy testing, that’s what they gave me…really wonderful stuff…maybe Richard could run out and get you some if you’re just going nuts tonight.
I’m so sorry, Alison…you’ve been through so much! Hope they can give you something else quickly that you won’t have a reaction to. I feel for you…not that that helps but, hope the blanket does…hope you can rest.
In my prayers,

Comment by Abby 04.14.09 @ 7:41 pm

Oh,Allison! I’m so sorry for this latest set back. Is there anything homeopathic that would be gentler to your skin? I do hope there’s no fuss with your insurance over the new med. You are right. Go snuggle and concentrate on knitting. Sending calm and healthy thoughts your way. Take care.

Comment by DebbieR 04.14.09 @ 8:39 pm


Since my over-exposure to latex, I get flaming great welts whenever they do an ekg on me.

I look like a cartoon character.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 04.14.09 @ 8:48 pm

I’m sorry to hear that! My mom is much the same. I have several skin allergies as well. You know how vitamin E is so good for your skin & it is in almost every lotion, handsoap, shaving cream, make-up, etc…yes that is what I am allergic to. It’s fun you get to learn all the names it goes by on the ingredients list;) I hope this new product will be much easier on you! Now go forth & enjoy your knitting…doesn’t it make all things feel better:)

Comment by TripletMom 04.14.09 @ 8:50 pm

So, with you, the fun never ends, does it? My condolences to both you and your insurance company!

Comment by Ruth 04.14.09 @ 10:58 pm

If it weren’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all. Kids and hospitals: I remember taking my youngest in and the doctor saying “which horse did what to her this time?” Another time, I took my first granddaughter in, after a dog bite and I heard the doctor say “I would hate to be that dog, with that grandma after me”.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 04.15.09 @ 1:19 am

Oh, I do hope you feel better. Don’t feel sorry for the insurance company. Let them give you what you need without batting an eyelash.

Comment by Joansie 04.15.09 @ 4:53 am

I spent a lot of time in the ER with First Born! Kids have angels or they’d never make it.

I’m totally not sorry for the insurance company.
May they pay and pay. 😉

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 04.15.09 @ 5:09 am

Sending prayers and non-itchy thoughts your way. Hoping you find relief soon. . .

Comment by Pam 04.15.09 @ 5:38 am

Oh my. Even with a change, that skin is still angry, and will be for a good while. Prayers headed your way!

Comment by Channon 04.15.09 @ 5:42 am

I wish you non itchy thoughts. I have a lot of skin allergies (and to some meds). I understand. At my old job, I used to do research to find an antibiotic for the bacteria that causes Pneumonia in Cystic Fibrosis kids. I’m sure there is someone out there doing research on antibiotics that could help you too. I’ll send some good vibes their way too!

Comment by Alicia 04.15.09 @ 7:29 am

Well that’s just unfair! And yes, I will “weep” for the insurers…

Comment by Sandra 04.15.09 @ 7:57 am

My computer finally decided to talk to your website, so we’ll see if this works. I’m allergic to nylon. If I leave a nylon tag in the back of a shirt, you can read it on my skin when I take it off. (And forget stockings.) I HATE that feeling. My sympathy.

Comment by Laura N 04.15.09 @ 8:48 am

Back about 20 years ago I had surgery to remove a mole on my back and developed an allergy to the adhesive on the dressing. I still occasionally have problems with band-aids and the like. You’ve got my sympathy.

Comment by Eileen 04.15.09 @ 10:02 am

I’m so sorry you have having a problem with allergic reaction to the skin protectorant. 🙁 Hope the alternative will give you the relief that you need and deserve!!

Comment by LDSVenus 04.15.09 @ 10:43 am

My late husband Jim used to take care of taxes. Today I went to pick up the finished tax returns from the accountant. I owe too much. I would have thought that asking someone else to complete the tax return would have quieted my overactive -I don’t do taxes – brain. Apparently not. Otherwise why would I have traveled west into Virginia instead of north to the accountant in Gaithersburg? There wasn’t much in the way of visibility today, but still…It’s not as though I don’t know the route.

I’m going to make a dress with a picot-edging for a 2-year-old. Just decided that today. Of all things. At least now I know what I was thinking when I made that decision. Knit like the wind and try to calm that overactive headbone. Thanks, Alison!

Comment by RobinM 04.15.09 @ 2:02 pm

Hugs hugs hugs honey.

Trust me a know about skin allergies right now, even if I don’t know what is causing this absolutely ugly thing I’ve got going on.

Hope the alternative works for you for a good long while.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 04.15.09 @ 2:30 pm

That sucks. So sorry.

Comment by Lene 04.15.09 @ 6:27 pm

Ahhhh Alison, I am so sorry for you!! sending hugs and prayers

Comment by grace 04.15.09 @ 7:18 pm

The day or two that I don’t have time to read blogs…all kinds of things happen! I simply cannot keep up with you, Alison! Geez.
I am just glad to hear that there is an alternative for you, and hopefully you’ll be alright with that one…

Comment by karin 04.16.09 @ 5:48 pm

Just dropping in to say thanks .. for living, for blogging, etc.
Life around here has been busy enough to keep me from blogging even….
But I hate that I haven’t commented…

Comment by Helen 04.16.09 @ 8:21 pm

One week my firstborn went to the emergency room for stitches, then a week later his sister put her arm through a glass door and was told she was headed there too. She expressed reluctance. Big brother soothed her, saying in confidential tones, “Don’t worry, Mimi–Georgetown Hospital emergency room ROCKS!”

Comment by Amy S. 04.16.09 @ 9:37 pm

Well, heck. Ask your CWOCN ( ostomy nurse) if you should consider rotating products- using one for a week, then the next for a week, etc- to keep your feral immune system in check. Also ask about topical Benadryl spray. And, please forgive me for bossy comments, because you will do what is best. Thinking of you.

Comment by Laura 04.16.09 @ 11:27 pm

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