John Miles
Tuesday March 10th 2009, 4:18 pm
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Granted, John and I have been friends for 22 years.  But still!

Six years ago, I called my audiologist after getting out of the hospital with what had been, up till then, my worst Crohn’s flare.  I was having  a hard time hearing and was wondering about my hearing aids .  John’s reaction, not knowing I’d been ill, was to ask me if I’d lost weight recently; well, yes, thirteen pounds.

He told me, That’s it, then; you lost weight in your ear canals and your earmolds no longer fit properly. They’re not transmitting the sound well enough.

“I lost weight in my EAR CANALS?!  How useless is THAT!”

He laughed.

So here I am.  I lost twenty-five pounds since Christmas, have managed to get eight back in the last month by working hard at it, and I’d been thinking I was just going to have to wait and simply be deafer till I get back to normal.  New earmolds are a SeaSilk two-skeined shawl each, and I knew this was temporary–there’s no chance I’m going to stay this thin.

My deductibles and co-pays are a staggering $8800, besides various hospital incidentals and not-covereds, etc etc.  (I know.  At least I have insurance. I have no right to complain.)  But I felt I just couldn’t afford to go get new earmolds on top of that.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the phone with my insurance company and with vendors, trying to straighten out how to get ostomy supplies, which are by prescription only and not something you can just go buy off the shelf; but I got the impression the company doesn’t seem to be popular with a lot of vendors.  (Yeah, I could tell them a story or two myself…  See why I wrote about forgiveness?)

I ‘ve been finding I have to walk with the speakerphone on over to my mom so that she can help me figure out what the person at the other end is saying, and ohplease don’t let them call me back while she’s out on a walk. I kept thinking, what on earth will I do after she flies home?

I got frustrated enough after the last call to phone John’s office. Uncle! I had to get at least one new earmold, even if it’s only for a short term and I never make use of it again. I had to be more functional than this.

John and his office knew what I’d been going through this time and have worried and done their fair share of praying.  And John knew why I’d put off coming in.

He told me he was making me new earmolds, and that that was his gift towards my getting better.

What do you do with a friend who makes your eyes leak like that.  When could I come in?

How about right now?

And so Mom and I went off to Los Gatos.  One ear had too much wax for an impression, the other was clear, so John and I both got our way; one earmold, at least for now, coming up.

Oh, and those ostomy supplies? The vendor promises they’ll be here by Friday.

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oh friends like that make my eyes leak too ….

and my giggle for the day that just seemed appropriate today with your forgiveness mention

Let’s hope this happens to all of us!

98 and no enemies – human interest story

All women should live so long as to be this kind of old lady!

Toward the end of Sunday service, the Minister asked, ‘ How many of you have forgiven your enemies? ‘

80% held up their hands.

The Minister then repeated his question. All responded this time, except one small elderly lady.

‘Mrs. Neely?’; ‘ Are you not willing to forgive your enemies? ‘

I don’t have any. ‘She replied, smiling sweetly.

‘Mrs. Neely, that is very unusual. How old are you? ‘

‘Ninety-eight, ‘she replied. The congregation stood up and clapped their hands.

‘Oh, Mrs. Neely, would you please come down in front & tell us all how a person can live ninety-eight years & not have an enemy in the world? ‘

The little sweetheart of a lady tottered down the aisle, faced the congregation, and said, ‘ I outlived them all ……

ok – I admit I made the ending a little more PG rated but you get the idea 🙂

Comment by rho 03.10.09 @ 5:07 pm

Seriously, when folks talk about the wonders of the private medical insurance in Congress, you gotta wonder at what system they are thinking of.

Prayers for hearing, not just what folks say, but what they mean as well!

Comment by Renee 03.10.09 @ 5:31 pm

Hearing is good…glad you’ll soon (rather than later) be doing a bit more of it. And, as always, yeah for good friends!

Comment by Ruth 03.10.09 @ 5:32 pm

Please give him a hug from me, too. He made my eyes leak, too.

Comment by Lene 03.10.09 @ 6:19 pm

Well, praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!

Comment by Renna 03.10.09 @ 6:34 pm

Ah, a day off from blogging. Good. So you lost 25 pounds? They ought to be around here somewhere.

Humor is where you find it. A lot of it is made up, or perhaps adapted out of some real incident. The following really happened within my own family, many years ago:

The characters involved are my sister Frances, her son Jack,  my mother, and various visitors to our house.

My sister Fran loved to entertain.  We frequently had guests at our house, and she would have hors d’oeuvres and ask the guests what they would like to drink.  “Oh, anything,” was often the reply.
One time when Fran was entertaining, her son Jack, who was in high school at the time, came into the living room and asked if he could have some of the food.  Fran said yes, and asked if he would like to taste the scotch.  “I don’t like scotch,” he answered.  Fran was immediately on the alert with that response, but waited until the following day to ask Jack how he knew about the taste of scotch.  After some prodding, the story came out.  Seems that he and some buddies came home after school one day when no one else was home.  So they decided to raid the liquor cabinet.  “We tasted a bunch of stuff,” he said, “but the scotch was terrible — tasted like — ugh, terrible!”  This puzzled Fran, so she asked Jack to show her the bottle of scotch, and he did.  The bottle he pointed out contained some ghastly greenish purplish liquid that assuredly was not scotch. 
That evening at dinner Fran was telling the rest of the family about this episode and wondered what could possibly be in that bottle labeled “scotch”.  No one seemed to know until Fran brought out the bottle.  Then my mother, a very quiet lady who knew practically nothing about alcoholic beverages, said, “Oh, when we were packing up to move here, there was only a little bit in some bottles — wine, beer, creme de menthe, some other things, so I put them all in that one. “ MOM!!
Of course the bottle was tossed out.  But at future gatherings, when guests were asked what they would like to drink and they said, “Oh, anything,” the cry would go out, “Get the ‘Anything’ bottle!”

Comment by Don Meyer 03.10.09 @ 6:45 pm

I have to add my tears and prayers also for such a wonderful person as “your” John.

Comment by Laura 03.10.09 @ 6:46 pm

Bless you, John. You will be rewarded many times over for the kindness you are extending to Alison. I love stories like this. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Joansie 03.10.09 @ 6:48 pm

My gratitude to John, for caring for,and loving, our Alison

Comment by sherry in idaho 03.10.09 @ 6:50 pm

My mother-in-law was visiting once and needed a new bag (ostomy type, not purse) and we had the hardest time trying to procure one. Some emergency nurse finally took pity on us and gave us one from her supplies. Why should it be so hard?

Comment by suburbancorrespondent 03.10.09 @ 6:51 pm

Oh, wow — it’s the perfect gift; the gift of hearing. How absolutely wonderful 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 03.10.09 @ 7:22 pm

Like I’ve said before, I would gladly donate some of my pounds, but I can’t send them at all, much less send them straight to your ear canals. Alas. It is curious that these ostomy supplies are by prescription only and so hard to get hold of. While I can, by some stretch of my imagination, picture people taking drugs for fun (not around my house, where everyone HATES them, but I’ve heard some people like drugs) but I cannot imagine anyone getting “high” on using an ostomy bag. I hope you can get things sorted out.

Comment by LauraN 03.10.09 @ 7:37 pm

I just love a happy ending!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 03.10.09 @ 8:04 pm

What a wonderful friend!

Comment by Eileen 03.10.09 @ 8:24 pm

It is just right that a person as wonderful as you should have wonderful friends. I am so glad to know that you will being hearing more very soon.

Comment by Sonya 03.10.09 @ 9:00 pm

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just ask. I’m so happy for you, to have such great friends and family to help you. The ripples of your generous friendship will continue to flow back to you. Take care.

Comment by Debbie 03.10.09 @ 9:11 pm

Prayers do get answered & there are plenty of angels in our lives without wings, just hearts full of love & caring. Here’s to being able to hear with your ears as well as your heart.

Comment by TripletMom 03.10.09 @ 11:48 pm

If I was still stationed overseas in the Army Hospital I’d send ya a bunch. We always had more Ostomy supplies than we could use. In the 8 mo we were in Kosovo we only had 1 Ostomy patient.

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 03.11.09 @ 4:01 am

Thank the Lord for supplying your need through John Miles! Pass the tissues, please.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 03.11.09 @ 4:47 am

Skinny ear canals! Where’s the benefit in that?! Now flatter hips is something I can appreciate!

Comment by Jody M 03.11.09 @ 5:14 am

Another wonderful proof that there are still good and generous people out in this world! I am very happy you have one (more) of them in your environment!

I’ll say my thanks for this good fortune. Now please, do eat more chocolate! 😉 lol

Comment by Suzanne 03.11.09 @ 5:48 am

WHAT?! My great-aunt had an ostemy in my teens (had it for basically all of her adult life), and I could walk in the neighborhood pharmacy and buy her supplies for her. Yes, that was more than 20 years ago, but I’m aghast. (Diabetic testing supplies = needles = I get the Rx. But ostemy?!)

I’m delighted that you have another thingee to help you hear better. I know the phone was nothing but frustration for Pop (who refused to wear his hearing aids, but that’s another story)…

Comment by Channon 03.11.09 @ 6:25 am

I love reading about all the good people in the world. It cheers me up every time.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 03.11.09 @ 6:32 am

Hearing is great! Now we have to figure out how to have you get fat ear canals quickly. Continue with your hot chocolates. And, your supplies, once the prescription is approved, they should be mailed in an orderly manner every week and you should never have to have to hunt for them.

Comment by Nancy 03.11.09 @ 10:56 am

John Rocks!
Is that where I keep losing weight from too? 😉 It’s either that or my butt.. which I didn’t have much of one to start with. 😉

Comment by Alicia 03.11.09 @ 11:18 am

I’ve lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire with a husband who had an ileostomy in 1948 – we just call Byram Health Care and order it, giving the medical insurance name and card number. Once he became eligible for Medicare he needed a physician’s letter for them about it being necessary. Are they jerking you around, perchance?

God bless John.

Comment by Leslie 03.11.09 @ 4:24 pm

That dratted leaky eye syndrome! I must have a case of that, too.
Bless that man’s heart.

Comment by karin 03.12.09 @ 5:24 am

Leaky eyes, ear wax, skinny ear canals…or is that bigger ear canals, the better to hear with?…”I’ve got tears in my ears from crying over you”…maybe if you cried into your ears?

At some point you should hit your annual “out of pocket limit” and then everything should be with no co-pay, assuming you have that type of insurance, of course. Only happened to us once–when Warner was in the hospital for 10 weeks and half-way place for rest of the year. But next year, they covered it all after small deductible. Too bad my employment changed after that.

And *go John*. You look so thin in that picture with the shawl! Glad to hear you’ve gained *some* back. Keep up the good work. Amy’s on a post-surgery diet–“just” a tonsillectomy and liquid diet for now. Now if I could just donate a few of my pounds to you…

Bless you, dear. You brighten everyone’s world. And give Richard my condolences.

Comment by Karen 03.12.09 @ 12:46 pm

May God bless John richly, not just for what he has done for “our” Alison, but for what he has undoubtedly done over the years to help people retain or regain their precious hearing.

Comment by Shirley 03.12.09 @ 1:07 pm

Ostomy supplies are by prescription over there? They aren’t up here. Who would buy ostomy supplies if they didn’t need them? that is just silly.

Comment by Carol 03.13.09 @ 7:41 pm

I’m glad your supplies are gonna make it in soon, I know on top of everything else that was a worry. I know your Dr will be richly blessed for his act of service. Even if life has been difficult and short on normal (tho I guess we could all wonder what normal is ;P), what a great bunch of friends you have to help bring joy and love into your life. 🙂

Comment by LDSVenus 03.15.09 @ 3:18 pm

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