They ganged up on me
Saturday January 17th 2009, 2:25 pm
Filed under: Crohn's flare

I spiked a 103+ fever this morning.  Mom and Richard counted off the number of doctors who said that if I kept doing that I needed to be in Stanford.  This being the weekend, the doctors can’t arrange admittance over the phone; I’d have to go to the ER and wait for hours.

So I got that temp down to under 100 and they let up on me.  So far.  And I actually got some food down for the first time in days.

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Does this mean that you’re susceptible to threats? In that case, we’ll start threatening you. Get that temperature down or . . . I’ll let moths loose in your house, or tangle all your yarn. We’ll see if that works.

Comment by Laura 01.17.09 @ 2:37 pm

I’m glad you listened to reason! If you’re not well enough to knit, hours in the ER would just be unleavened misery. Why subject yourself?

Comment by ccr in MA 01.17.09 @ 2:40 pm

Precious soul,well done! You can do it, you can keep your temperature down. More prayers and blessings. Get well.

Comment by Vicki 01.17.09 @ 2:49 pm

Keep that temperature down! Ice water, cool baths, whatever it takes, honey. You’ve got a long weekend going on here. Plus, don’t you want to be comfy, healthier and at home to listen to/watch the inauguration on TV?

If you must go to the ER, see if you can call someone there or ask your doctor to call and find out the least busy time. Show up then. Feel better. I am still thinking of you (A lot) and wishing healing your way. (A lot.)

Comment by Joanne 01.17.09 @ 3:01 pm

Funny how doctors are getting to go home over the weekend.
I am confuzzled as to WHY you are running a fever.

When I had a fever when I was a kid, my mother would *wrap my calves with cool damp towels, wait til they warmed up, change them, repeat from *.

Wish I live closer, I’d bring you some soothing soup.

Comment by karin 01.17.09 @ 3:08 pm

Drink the water…Drink the water…Drink the water…Drink the water…Drink the water… If you can chug barium you can slurp nice, cool, refreshing water. Sip, sip, sip. Hear your kidneys saying, “Thanks! We needed that!”. They’re working hard to clear out all the bad stuff. They need all the help they can get! Hard work, sipping water all day, but I know you can do it!

Love & Hugs,

Comment by Gretchen 01.17.09 @ 3:14 pm

Good girl!!!! You do whatever it takes to keep that temperature down or we will all come over and take your yarn stash. As you drink the liquids, visualize how your body is grateful wants even more. Flavored water! Chipped ice! A Slurpy! I continue to pray for you, Alison. I want to see you well again.

Comment by Joansie 01.17.09 @ 3:20 pm

As I recall, you don’t have TV. Going into the hospital just to see the inauguration seems a bit lame, eh?

There, see, I made you smile. Hope you feel better by Monday!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 01.17.09 @ 3:27 pm

I say…whatever it takes..and having 2 loving beings doing the ganging is Awesome!
Food sounds Good.
Sending Much Love!

Comment by Sheila E 01.17.09 @ 3:37 pm

You’d better behave with those two around to gang up on you! Eat, drink, rest, and heal. If you do what you’re told, we’ll let you stay home! LOl…gotta love those two.

Comment by Ruth 01.17.09 @ 3:50 pm

Bravo on getting down the fever. It’ll probably be easier to eat now too.

Prayers continue!

Comment by Renee 01.17.09 @ 3:56 pm

Don’t make us all gang up on you, too, lady. You get well or I’ll … I’ll … well, I won’t be able to send you the care package I’m putting together, now will I??

Comment by Kristine 01.17.09 @ 4:28 pm

Fighting back, aren’t you. Good for you. Lots of water to keep that fever down. Lots of hugs to keep the spirits up.

Comment by sherry in idaho 01.17.09 @ 4:34 pm

Good job with that fever! Staying out of the hospital is a good thing — I’ll send cool thoughts 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 01.17.09 @ 4:39 pm

I am so glad your fever has come down some.
When my kids are sick and need to drink lot of fluids I make them slushies. Put your favorite juice in the freezer and wait until it get all slushy. Orange juice and grape juice are the favs around here. Please be well soon.

Comment by sonya 01.17.09 @ 5:12 pm

Alison: I wasn’t going to mention that my friend who had me stay with her as she was recovering from surgery sent me home sooner than we had previously planned. It probably was because every time she looked up, I asked if she’d had another sip of water or if her water needed refilling or another ice cube or two. But she did drink lots more water than she otherwise would have and it did help her heal faster. Enough to get grouchy at me and send me home, anyhow. So drink up and get those temps to stay down all night and all day tomorrow, too.

Comment by sjanova 01.17.09 @ 5:49 pm

So we just have to threaten you with hospital and you get better? Why didn’t we think of this before??

Try hot water, it’s sometimes easier to get down in the quantities you need (even without the lemon, if that’s too early). Yay on the food! Now have some more. The more you eat, the sooner you can have chocolate.

We all pulling for you. I’ve changed the healing vibes to include eating and drinking vibes. Hang in there, hon. Obama’s inauguration’s in 3 days – you have to be well enough to watch that.

Comment by Lene 01.17.09 @ 5:58 pm

Glad to hear you got that fever down. Get your mom to make some lemonade with lemons from your tree and sip on that — make some popsicles to suck on. Drink, sip, Drink …
Hugs, Nancy

Comment by Nancy 01.17.09 @ 6:54 pm

Good to hear that you were able to get some food down!!!

Comment by Mona 01.17.09 @ 7:07 pm

Hope that the fever stays down so you can stay out of the hospital. Still thinking about you and praying for you all.

Comment by Eileen 01.17.09 @ 8:21 pm

Hi Alison,
I loved the threat of releasing moths in your stash…extremely frightening but, hysterical. 🙂 I hope that worked for you. 🙂 It’s so important to keep the fluids going…do you like 7-Up? Sometimes, when I can’t get other fluids down, 7-Up with cranberry juice in it tastes good….or another juice instead but, cranberries are so good for the kidneys and can help fight/prevent kidney infections so, maybe a little fizziness with juice in it might help your nausea and allow you to get more fluids in your system…all for fluids…we don’t want those moths delivered. 🙂
Thinking of you and praying for you,

Comment by Abby 01.17.09 @ 8:23 pm

Oh, Alison… hang in there. I know you can beat this. We’re strong women. I’m sending you all the good vibes I can.

Comment by Amanda 01.17.09 @ 8:30 pm

Liquids, liquids, liquids. your friends are right, but you already knew that. you may not believe this, but at a recent church party we had soda with pomegranate in it – i think it was 7-up but i can’t be sure. put that in your straw and slurp it.

Love ya lots, and the girls and I are still praying for you.


Comment by morgan 01.17.09 @ 8:41 pm

The fever going down is good news. I hope it means your medical team’s stumbled on the right treatment. I’m glad they’re getting those fluids through you, as barium’s hard on the kidneys, and your kidneys are already stressed, I’m sure. Flushing them out is a good thing.

I am so sorry all of this is happening. You do have a shawl and warm socks for the chills, right? A good book for when you feel like reading? Saltines to hide from the doctor that work if you’re really not feeling well way better than the usual hospital food? There should be a hospital survival bag or something we could make sure you’ve got.

I’ll light a candle at church for you tomorrow. You are well loved, and so many around the world are praying for you and your family, as well as that medical team.

Comment by Carina 01.17.09 @ 8:51 pm

Congratulations on feeling human again. I must admit that when you were talking about feeling a bit salty as if dipped in brine, I got this vision of those turkey legs that are sold in DisneyWorld! Some association, huh? Keep taking it easy and keep getting stronger!

Comment by Robin 01.17.09 @ 9:31 pm

drink water and keep that fever down — you want to be home and comfy to watch the events on Tuesday not stuck in some uncomfortable hospital with nurses interupting you while you are trying to watch…

Comment by rho1640 01.18.09 @ 12:11 am

Nancy beat me to it. I thought Lemon popscicles would be perfect not just for the fever but also for the last of the barium. Wish I could send you the rest of the SunLollies I put in the freezer when Ems had flu over New Years. It will be months before it’s warm enough to enjoy them here.

Glad Stanford is there for you if you need them this week.

Comment by LynnM 01.18.09 @ 12:53 am

My Friend, Fever is supposed to be the title of a song, not a condition you’re supposed to be in! I never thought threats worked very well, but I’ll be happy to bribe you . . . how about if I push you around Stitches West in a wheel chair?

As hard as it is, clear liquids need to be your mantra, your staple and they are your friend right now. We know you can beat this thing, but we want you to do it now rather than later.

What was your favorite drink as a child? Why not try some of it now . . . It may taste just as good now as then.

Praying that tomorrow there will be no fever.


Comment by Shelly H 01.18.09 @ 2:03 am

Just a little anecdote to make you smile: when I had pneumonia last year my temperature soared to 107. My husband was on his way home from the US, and the doctor told my 14 year old son he had to sponge down my entire body to bring down the fever. He came to see me, looking utterly horrified at the task he had been given, saying ‘Do you have to be naked?’ I told him no, of course not, he did the sponging, and it was a really beautiful and intimate moment.
Take care of yourself – I hope your fever comes down soon too!

Comment by Anna 01.18.09 @ 2:50 am

Drink! Sip! Chipped ice! Whatever you can slide down your throat!

Still praying…

Comment by Pegi 01.18.09 @ 6:03 am

Very nice ganging up. I’m impressed. Congrats to you all.

Comment by RobinM 01.18.09 @ 10:59 am

What everybody else has said! Plus if you are a Ginger Fiend — or even semi-close to the type of Ginger Fiend I have always been — good ginger ale poured over a whole lot of crushed ice is lovely. I always find even better when eaten slowly with a long-handled baby spoon. Not sure why that is, but I always found it a comfort, to use one of those little spoons. Ditto for eating ice cream. It just always tasted better, somehow, with that baby spoon. Maybe because the baby spoon was real silver and had a beautiful daffodil embossed on the handle.

Ginger ale slush is pretty darn good, too.

Whatever it takes to stay out of the hospital, my dear. Just do it!

Still sending lots of love, good thoughts, and prayers.

Comment by Paula 01.18.09 @ 12:10 pm

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