Sing us a song, you’re the piano man…
Tuesday December 30th 2008, 1:34 pm
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I’m almost afraid to blog this because I know so many people who would be hoping I made it for them.

So. I wanted the black keys in sets of three purls each note, because black keys are raised in real life and purl stitches are too–but not if there’s only one standing alone.  A single purl stitch will sink and disappear between knit stitches, but a trio would have them standing shoulder to shoulder, holding each other up high.

I couldn’t make the math of it work in the small stitch count of a hat.  Thus this simplified version.

Leading to the realization that…I can’t count. So I had to fudge a few extra stitches into the white at the start of the intarsiapiano hat.  I guess I’ll have to make another one!

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How cool is that?! A piano keys hat…

Comment by Channon 12.30.08 @ 1:42 pm

Oh, that’s so cool! Well done!

Comment by amy 12.30.08 @ 1:52 pm

So you knit intarsia in the round? Can I become your grasshopper?

Comment by Michelle 12.30.08 @ 2:56 pm

and another one, and another one….Hats for all the musicophiliacs!

Comment by LynnM 12.30.08 @ 3:47 pm

I love it!! What a great hat 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 12.30.08 @ 5:07 pm

Fun. Do you know how to play it? (the hat)

Comment by Ruth 12.30.08 @ 6:23 pm

It came out very well. The colors work for a piano.

Comment by Kaye 12.30.08 @ 8:12 pm

And the non-musical folk wouldn’t even realize what they’re looking at.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 12.30.08 @ 8:20 pm

The hat looks great!! Love the design, music people everywhere will think it was designed just for them :).

Comment by LDSVenus 12.30.08 @ 10:41 pm

The last comment didn’t go through, so now I’m hoping I there won’t be two in the end!

I wanted to say that I love that hat. Very clever.
Next time, maybe you could try knitting the piano keys sideways, with intarsia stripes, and then pick up stitches for the brim and the crown and knit downwards and upwards.

Comment by karin 12.31.08 @ 5:45 am

That is very cool!

Comment by sonya 12.31.08 @ 5:55 am

Very cool!

Comment by Alison 12.31.08 @ 6:50 am

Love it! My bro would too, even if he is a Florida resident. He does shave his head 😉

Comment by Alicia 12.31.08 @ 10:22 am

Great hat!!! Have you seen the piano scarf?

Comment by Joansie 01.01.09 @ 8:43 am

Love the piano hat Alison. Way to go.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Comment by Ahrisha 01.01.09 @ 9:59 am

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