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Monday December 29th 2008, 10:11 pm
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So far so good.  But slow.

One thing about colorwork for me is that I don’t care for long loops of yarn hanging across the back side of the piece, waiting to be snagged on something.  I weave the strand not in use across the back of every single stitch.  This makes for slow, patient knitting (Row eight!? I spent all afternoon on this thing and I’m still only on row eight of the stranding colors?!) and a sturdier and I think warmer fabric, well worth the time spent.  (Don’t listen to that person in the parentheses.)

hat-ly begunRight now, my yarn is waiting for me to unwind the two balls around each other to get rid of the twist building up.

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You need some mood music to knit by. How about: “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”?

Comment by Barbara-Kay 12.30.08 @ 2:36 am

“Amen” and LOL to Barbara-Kay’s comment. Could be the soundtrack to my own life.

Comment by Lynn 12.30.08 @ 5:43 am

Or “Aint Misbehaving” since it’s in the same genre and you aren’t because you’re knitting! Got to say, that’s the neatest back to knitting I’ve ever saw

Comment by Afton 12.30.08 @ 6:33 am

Ooh, that’s way more patient than I am. I float up to five stitches, and weave a middle stitch for anything longer than that. It looks gorgeous though, even from the back!

Comment by RobinH 12.30.08 @ 6:57 am

That twisiting part (around each other as I’m knitting) makes me crazy. I have the same problem when I do two socks from the same ball of yarn!

Comment by Channon 12.30.08 @ 7:03 am

It’s not the carrying the yarn after every stitch, it’s the untangling that gets to me everytime and them I just find a nice friend to help me untangle. A gentleman once asked if he could help because he was used to untangling fish lines…lol.

Comment by Joansie 12.30.08 @ 8:27 am

Hey, you called me? My former name was Cecil, ya know. I hope you’re not feeling seasick from the color work!

Comment by Ruth 12.30.08 @ 10:15 am

Ooh, that definitely does look warm and cozy — it’s going to be worth the untangling!

Comment by Jocelyn 12.30.08 @ 11:33 am

hmm – my usual answer to the twisting is to allow 2 stitches with a float (no more than that) and designate one of the yarns “bottom” and the other “top” then for 3 stitches and up, if “bottom” is floating it goes up, then down (multiple times if necessary) and ends up back “bottom” and “top” goes down then up, ending up back at “top” – I also work with one ball each side of me to encourage good behaviour!

good luck – it looks very cosy


Comment by Mary Seabrook 12.30.08 @ 11:53 am

The twist: put each ball in a mason jar. put the jars on that lazy susan that is just sitting around in the cupboard. Knit away–every once in a while, give Susan a backwards nudge with your foot.

Comment by Sherry 12.30.08 @ 2:09 pm

Now, THAT’s a cool idea! Thank you!

Comment by AlisonH 12.30.08 @ 2:11 pm

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