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Sunday November 02nd 2008, 8:07 pm
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Kyle spoke with me at church and gave me permission to share his story:

His mom was a pilot.  Loved to fly, love love loved it.  Planes, helicopters.

Then she got married, decided to start a family, got pregnant with him… And during the pregnancy had seizures that cost her her pilot’s license.  And that was that.

But she still loved planes and she would sometimes take her little boy to the small local airport from time to time to show him around.

When he was 25, he decided he owed his mom and he decided to do something about it.

He called her up one day and invited her to meet him over at the municipal airport.  You know, look around, give her a chance to rag on him about who he was dating or not, quality time with her kid (I think he said it was her birthday).  Sure.

As they walked around the small planes, he asked her about the difference between the controls on, say, this Cessna here vs… and he opened the door.

Kyle! You can’t just…!

He climbed in.

KYLE! You can’t just… Kyle?!

Hop in, Mom, c’mon, show me!

She knew her kid enough to know he certainly wasn’t going to do something wrong, but this was someone else’s plane and this was going too far and what did he THINK he was…

C’mon in, Mom, here, show me!

She climbed in, started to ask what on *earth* is this about, what are you DOING, Kyle.

Then she looked in his eyes.  And suddenly got it.  “Did you…!”

Yup. He’d gotten his license, and he’d rented this plane to take her up. Pilot, co-pilot.  “Go for it, Mom!”


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Talk about Kewl!

Comment by Carol 11.02.08 @ 8:18 pm

Carol beat me too it …. Cool

Comment by rho1640 11.02.08 @ 9:42 pm

What a wonderful story of a sons love for his mother.Hugs Darcy

Comment by Darcy 11.03.08 @ 12:55 am

Where do I sign up for a son like that? Preferably one who likes Harleys…

Comment by Lynn 11.03.08 @ 5:27 am

What a great story! Mom obviously raised a very thoughtful, wonderful son…

Comment by Channon 11.03.08 @ 6:33 am

That’s a Beauty!

Comment by marianne 11.03.08 @ 7:07 am

WOW! Thanks so much for your sweet, positive and meaningful stories. They are such a good distraction. Thanks too for the wonderful notes (and prayers) you are leaving on my blog. It’s very up and down around here and I’m so grateful for your kind support. Don’t know yet if I’ll see you on Friday, but I hope it will work out!

Comment by Joanne 11.03.08 @ 8:33 am

Great story!!!!!
My Dad was a private pilot for years. When he took my brothers and I up, I was the only one who loved it so much I stayed awake every minute.
My eyesight means no pilot’s license for me, but I am so glad we got so many lovely flights as I was growing up.

Comment by Diana 11.03.08 @ 9:19 am

What a surprize, and what a son! 🙂

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 11.03.08 @ 9:48 am

Very touching! I hope someone was able to get a picture!!! :>)

Comment by Joansie 11.03.08 @ 10:06 am

Very cool story!

Comment by Jocelyn 11.03.08 @ 10:36 am

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Comment by Kristine 11.03.08 @ 11:32 am

Aw that’s such a sweet story!

Comment by Monica 11.03.08 @ 11:55 am

That is a great story. I would bet it was on her top 5 best days.

Comment by sonya 11.03.08 @ 4:22 pm

I don’t know if I’m hormonal today or if this just really tugged at my heartstrings. I have a huge lump in my throat. I loved this.

Comment by Momo Fali 11.04.08 @ 11:31 am

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