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Wednesday October 15th 2008, 11:30 pm
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Monster mangoThis picture just doesn’t quite capture it.

The best homemade jam ever is ripe white peaches done half and half with mangoes, preferably the Champagne variety, which is to mangoes what Scharffenberger is to chocolate. Champagnes have a very short season and are long gone now, and so when I went looking for mangoes, I came home with these instead.

I haven’t made jam in several years.  These might make me.  There were six in the box.  I ate the first mango, a little early, but quite good–took the whole day, and still, I had to call for reinforcements at dinnertime, and still, there were leftovers for awhile yet after that.  It was the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival of mangoes at 2 2/3 pounds. That’s a proudly-large apple doing the cheerleader tower with it, not some shy little thing.

The kicker is that you know all five mangoes still in that box are going to go dead ripe all at once.  Not a peach in sight. I think they’re going to be on their own, because, with the kids gone, so are we.

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I haven’t ever tried the white peaches. I can’t quite get over the fact that peaches are supposed to be peach-colored. [And I prefer nectarines, anyway.] Though I don’t seem to have any problem with those little purple potatoes from Peru…

Comment by Lynn 10.16.08 @ 3:49 am

Give me a mango and I’m happy! You are fortunate to have so many choices in fruits and vegetables. Fresh choices are limited in Vermont

Comment by Joansie 10.16.08 @ 5:39 am

The first time I tasted a mango was in Sweden of all places but it was a fresh mango homegrown in India and smuggled back carefully wrapped in carry-on luggage on a long haul flight. What a delicious taste! Oh, if only all mangoes could be shipped so ripe. Of course I know that isn’t possible.

Comment by LynnM 10.16.08 @ 5:56 am

I’m just not a mango fan, despite loving most fresh fruit. You make it sound so tempting though…

Comment by Channon 10.16.08 @ 5:57 am

I like your cheerleading tower! I used to make Pomegrante jelly every year at about this time. Now I think 1. What a huge amount of time. 2. No one to eat it up anymore.

Comment by Ruth 10.16.08 @ 8:27 am

Another (easy) option is to chop the mangoes into chunks and freeze them. Throw them into the blender while making those smoothies. MMmh, good. I love white peaches, too, but they are hard to find, easily bruised and easily spoiled. They do make a fabulous sorbet though–pink colored! That reminds me, what about mango ice? A mango sorbet sounds good to me…

Comment by Joanne 10.16.08 @ 9:11 am

Sounds good, Joanne! Channon, my mother-in-law didn’t like mangoes either, till she was here one time and I asked her to just try one, a champagne if I remember right. You should have seen her! She thought mangoes were supposed to be stringy and fairly tasteless, and this was smooth and intensely flavored. Good stuff.

Comment by AlisonH 10.16.08 @ 10:10 am

Mmmm…. Mangoes… (love them fresh with lime juice, too 🙂 )

Comment by Jocelyn 10.16.08 @ 2:23 pm

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