Kris and Mel
Friday September 05th 2008, 10:08 pm
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Kris and MelMel and Kris Kunihiro, my potter friends, stopped by here today on their way down the coast; art fair season isn’t quite over yet.  She got her pink shawl (which came out shorter than I’d expected; rather like the original Bigfoot in the book.)  And since upcoming surgery means sleeves will be an issue for her this winter, and my shawls seemed exactly the thing she needed, ie, they’ll keep her warm and they’ll stay on without effort, I had it all planned out and I gave her this blue one too; it ran longer on her.  Variety is a good thing.

They certainly didn’t need to, but they came bearing gifts: handmade soap, and a doorknob hanger of handfelted honeybees from Plum Blossom Farm’s sheep, with beads and a little bell at the end.

felted doorknob from

I rattled the bell and actually heard it–not very loud, but hey. I heard it!  They didn’t know I grew up on Honeybee Lane; and hey, wool taking over the house all the more, I love it.  I can’t wait to tease my kids.

The handmade soap was wrapped in felted Wensleydale wool.  Again, in the they-couldn’t-have-known department: the AP once ran a one-paragraph little filler story about a woman in the British Isles trying to keep the last herd of Wensleydale sheep in the world alive, and how glad she was to get a large Japanese order for fleeces: it gave her the financial wherewithal to keep going.felted soap

I spent ten years after that trying to track down a source of Wensleydale wool.  It has had a real resurgence since that article, helped by the handspinning market, and I did find and spin some for a coat.  And here there was not only someone with some actual Wensleydale sheep in the US now, but Kris and Mel actually know her and brought this to me from her!  Along with Wensleydaled honeybees! Life draws in in small circles that surprise sometimes. Totally delightful.

Before we let them go, I had to take them in my kitchen and open the cupboards and let them see my Kris and Mel collection.  I showed them how I take my tiny rice-type bowl, mix cocoa and suger in it every morning, zap some milk in my Mel and Kris mug, and make my morning hot cocoa.  Looking at the size of the cup I use for it–it was not their coffee cup-type cup, Kris laughed, “Yeah, I like lots of hot cocoa too!”

And I’m glad I live in a climate where it’s cool every morning, y’know?

And a very, very good day was had by all. It is amazing sometimes how much of a difference we make to each other even when we so rarely get to see much of each other in person.

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Sounds like you had a very nice visit with your friends. I’m glad she likes the shawls you gave her 🙂

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 09.06.08 @ 4:31 am

What fun it must be to see friends AND get nifty Wensleydale gifts! Your story made me smile, and think about Wensleydale cheese with cranberries….

Comment by Lynn 09.06.08 @ 2:08 pm

You gave her two shawls! Yes, variety is the spice we love. I love handmade soap & I used to keep bees. No wonder I keep showing up here. All the elements a reader could ask for make an appearance sooner or later. Cool.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 09.06.08 @ 6:18 pm

What a wonderful visit! And it sounds like appropriate and thoughtful gifts were exchanged all ’round, which is always good fun 🙂 (P.S. I totally agree that cold mornings are the best thing, like, ever.)

Comment by Jocelyn 09.06.08 @ 6:39 pm

Oh, you use THAT for your cocoa? Most people buy it as a salad bowl . . . .

Comment by Laura 09.06.08 @ 7:07 pm

don’t you just love when the universe has all those “they couldn’t have known” moments 🙂

What a fun visit for everyone…

Comment by rho1640 09.06.08 @ 8:19 pm

Lovely!! Those bees are too cute. And you heard the bell!!! Weeeee!

Comment by Channon 09.07.08 @ 5:56 am

Look, I don’t know anything about knitting (though my sister is quite talented in that regard), and I don’t know one type of wool from the next. So why do I come here? Because you make me smile. You are a wonderful story teller and you have an amazing spirit. And, maybe…just maybe…someday you’ll inspire me to knit. (Don’t count your chickens though.)

Comment by Momo Fali 09.07.08 @ 5:31 pm

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