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Tuesday July 08th 2008, 11:10 am
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blueberries on a six-string Sigma Here is the Knitpicks Bare merino/silk, reblocked to a smooth edge. This is the smaller version Water Turtles shawl, 24″ long laid flat, about 27″ long on, 880 yards/200 g, with 16 g left over, dyed in Jacquard Acid in less-than-full-strength Navy.

After I finished it, I picked up the long-neglected purple Maple Creek Farm merino/bamboo shawl that I’d started during the weekend of my son’s wedding–it kept getting put aside for projects that needed to be fast-tracked, but it was so close to being done.  I decided, just spend one single day and let it be done.  I’d forgotten which pattern I’d been knitting it in…

Smaller version Water Turtles. Huh. Well, it might make for slightly repetitive knitblogging, but whatchagonnado.  I knitted it down to the very last five grams, and it’s ready to block too.

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They are beautiful as always.


Comment by Tiny Tyrant 07.08.08 @ 11:34 am


Comment by Toni 07.08.08 @ 4:57 pm

Love the shawl! The blue is such a pretty color & the shape looks like it would swirl beautifully if the wearer twirled around and around.

Repetitive knitblogging?? Come on in; the readin’s fine!! 😉

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 07.08.08 @ 6:28 pm

A Beautiful shawl!!! And a Beautiful photo!!!!!

Comment by Mona 07.08.08 @ 7:28 pm

I love how it snuggles Ms. Guitar :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 07.08.08 @ 8:20 pm

Oh love the shawl and is that beautiful guitar a Jeppson Guitar 😉

Comment by rho 07.08.08 @ 8:30 pm

Oh, I wish! Nope, we don’t own a Jeppson guitar yet. You should see Bryan’s handiwork–it’s incredible.

Comment by AlisonH 07.08.08 @ 9:20 pm

Beautiful! I love the musical model!

Comment by PrincessPea 07.09.08 @ 6:34 am

Ok, how do yoiu do it?? I am always in awe of your lightning fast lace kitting skills!! And the beauty they produce 🙂

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 07.09.08 @ 7:01 am

I have to agree with so many of the comments! Great guitar model, and the way you churn out lace so quickly makes me think elves or magical mice are involved while the rest of the world sleeps. BTW, loved the Carhenge link a bit back. I went to both Stonehenge and Callanish and would get a kick out of this.

Comment by Lynn 07.09.08 @ 7:16 am

LOL… You seem to have turtles on your mind, but what beautiful shawls they lead to…

Comment by Channon 07.09.08 @ 8:38 am

Alison, the shawl is absolutely gorgeous!

Comment by Joansie 09.06.08 @ 3:56 pm

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