The parable of the fig tree
Saturday June 14th 2008, 11:11 am
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fig and lemon trees=dessert!

Or, ask and ye shall receive. I can’t believe it. Now to figure out if I can somehow help straighten out the stalk-that-will-be-a-trunk so it doesn’t take out the fence–it kind of leaned against it while trying to reach some sunlight amongst the plants in the box there. See those big leaves on the left?

I’ve wanted a fig tree for years. Not a completely practical thing to want. It doesn’t get hot enough here long enough for them to get terribly sweet in our microclimate–same with oranges, which can come out tasting sourer than lemons unless you’ve got the right exposure, and maybe heat reflecting off the side of a house or fence. Still. My friend Marlene used to live down the street, and she had a fig tree leaning over the fence from her neighbor’s yard: she loved it. She loved the shade and being able to reach right up and eat a fig anytime, and she was terribly upset when the neighbor declared it had to go, that they were cutting it down.

Those figs were good enough to make Marlene delighted with them–hey. So I wanted a fig tree myself. Look at those leaves, and you can see why, when they’re toweringly tall, they tend to dominate the postage-stamp yards around here. I grew up in a house in the woods, and those huge leaves, so different from what you see in California in general, really appealed to my inner forest.

I went outside just now to photograph the lemon tree, laughing over the silly bluejay that tried to argue with my father-in-law that he was trespassing in her yard and to get away. I was going to share a good laugh over the bird.

And I saw the fig tree up above the six-foot-tall fence. None of us had any clue it was growing back there. We certainly didn’t plant it. The bird, instead, got the last laugh, and I am delighted.

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Oh my goodness! How very cool!

I do have a fig tree – a teeny one we planted last fall. I had to lobby hard for it as it’s the last fruit tree we’ll be able to fit into our back yard. It’s growing one fig for us this year. I hope I beat the birds to it!

Fresh figs – sliced on a bed of arugula, fresh mozzarella and lemon juice squeezed over with just a teeny touch of olive oil. Yum.

Comment by no-blog-rachel 06.14.08 @ 11:45 am

Loved the comment and Rachel’s recipe suggestion!

Comment by Lynn 06.14.08 @ 12:56 pm

Now you can make some Newtows! (Since that all I know about figs!) What a happy coincendence it is. Thanks to that bluejay.

Comment by Elizabeth 06.14.08 @ 1:41 pm

Yes, the bird probably planted it. I have two trees I planted more than 25 years ago – full of little figs right now. Definitely one of the sweetest fruit on earth.

Comment by Rebecca 06.14.08 @ 9:05 pm

Nature usually gets the last laugh, but this is so very sweet!

Comment by Channon 06.16.08 @ 7:16 am

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