We have toute in common
Friday May 09th 2008, 11:01 am
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(Toute being French for “all.”)

Michelle and I needed to go shoe shopping. Not my kind of thing to do: trying to buy shoes for me in most stores is like trying to buy qiviut in Walmart. They ain’t got’em. EE width in a formal shoe? Uh, no.  Try Nordstrom’s, lady. 

So Michelle shopped and didn’t quite find what she wanted right away either; I, since I look at shoe stores as something to escape from, Walk like an Egyptianthought that meant we were going to be out of there in no time. Right. I should have pulled my knitting out about fifteen minutes earlier than I did, but hey. A lovely African-American woman about my mom’s age was being dragged around shopping with a woman about my age, and as I knitted away, I grinned at the older one, “When the yarn’s gone, we’re done.” Totally cracked her up.

And then from a number of aisles over, Michelle’s voice, suddenly: “I heard that!” The woman about doubled over, laughing.

I had to shoot a picture of these with my phone when I saw them: did the person who designed them think of Tutenkhamen too, with those bright gold and lapis stripes?  Put these on, and you, too, can walk like an Egyptian.

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I’d have to walk like an Egyptian – very, very slowly, arms at awkward balancing angles. Need I admit? I live in Crocs, Birkenstocks and running shoes.

Comment by Linda W 05.09.08 @ 12:16 pm

Great lines!! I may use them as I get the chance quite often. 😉
Flats are so comfy!

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 05.09.08 @ 12:30 pm

Walk like a person with a broken neck. Because that’s what I would be shortly after I attempted to walk like an Egyptian.

Comment by Kristine 05.09.08 @ 12:56 pm

Phew! I saw the picture before I read the text – and thought you’d bought yourself those shoes!

..heart attack gone…I feel better now…:)

Comment by no-blog-rachel 05.09.08 @ 4:05 pm

The cute shoes are never in my size. (grumble grumble frown)

I live in Crocs too.

Comment by Sonya 05.09.08 @ 4:20 pm

Oh wait. I don’t want any of you to think I was talking about that pair. Just cute shoes in general.

Comment by Sonya 05.09.08 @ 4:21 pm

as much as I love my flip flops (wearing them now, got them in every colour…) I do love those Egyptian shoes. I rock the high heels (for short periods of time…)

Comment by Sandra 05.09.08 @ 5:05 pm

Wow those are quite the shoes! I can’t do big heels.

Comment by Lisa 05.09.08 @ 6:09 pm

Actually, I don’t think I’d be able to walk at all…:)

Comment by Toni 05.09.08 @ 6:52 pm

But did you ever find your shoes?! Inquiring minds really want to know!

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 05.09.08 @ 8:39 pm

Holy moly…EE width…when Havala was Very Young we had to special order her shoes EEE width, and they only had saddle oxfords, which I happen to love and so does she :^) she still has a Very Wide foot. Mine are wide but not that wide, a few years ago I needed a dressier shoe, ended up with some Merrils (sp) black, of course, no heels, nothing fancy but more so than flip flops :^)
Back in my 30s I would on occasion wear FMpumps but thank goodness I won’t go ‘there’ again.
I’m more your barefoot goddess :^D

Comment by marianne 05.10.08 @ 6:02 am

dang girl – you have wide feet – but a thin body – me just the opposite thin feet and a wide body 😉

Comment by rho 05.10.08 @ 1:12 pm

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