The Millenium
Tuesday May 06th 2008, 11:02 am
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The one-skein Casbah Julia shawl is sized for the petite; two skeins and, say, the Constance pattern on size 11 needles would be a good choice for a larger person. I showed it off to Nathania and Sandi at Purlescence yesterday, and traded them my getting to hold Nathania’s baby for an hour for letting them put the shawl on display for now.

Stephanie tells of Stephen and WonderMike taking her to Millenium for dinner after the Maker Faire, and writes, “Go there now. After a month of hotel and airport food Stephen and Mike can both verify that I almost wept into my dinner out of sheer relief and joy.”

Amen amen and amen. (Having once lived off hotel food for a month, too.) I’m not a vegetarian, but if I could eat there every day, I very happily would be. We took our vegetarian daughter and vegan son-in-law there for dinner a year ago for his birthday, and oh goodness, I have never tasted such gloriously good food. Our daughter explained to us what “biodynamic” in the description was all about, the back-to-the-land intensity of mindful farming. We don’t drink, so I can’t say a thing about that part of their offerings, but I can tell you their biodynamic grape juice was to die for.

But I committed a faux pas there. Okay, let me back up. My son-in-law had created me a pair of knitting needles that were really nifty and a bit large, and I had given them a test drive in the passenger seat on the way up the freeway to Millenium, casting on just after we got in the car. Forty-five minutes north and time spent look for parking. I had Knitpicks Suri Dream going in a lace stitch, so that half of what I was knitting was air spaces. Very soft, very fluffy, very fast, very natural-fibers, very gratifying. I cast off as we searched for where to put the car, got the ending yarn worked in across the cast off stitches, and stuffed it in my purse quickly.

That dinner was like nothing I have ever tasted. I have been fervently wishing for quite some time that I could remember the name of that place, and when I clicked on Stephanie’s link just now and saw the picture, it was an instant rush of, that’s IT!!! YAY!!! THANK YOU!!!

The waitress we had was young, loved what she did, loved the food, loved her customers on the spot, and was just the best. Hey. I had a scarf. So when we were done eating, I called her over and said I had one more thing to ask her.

Yes? Was the food okay?

The very best! But here: (unzipping the purse): was this a color she liked?

Run grab a spatula out of the kitchen, she’s lost her jaw there, folks.

She was gobsmacked. “For ME!?… You knitted this? You knitted this ON THE WAY HERE?!?” It was so soft. It was a bright color, a red on the orange side, and it suited her perfectly. She loved it.

A moment later, as we waited for our check, I asked her back over. It had hit me: I was in a vegan restaurant, and I had just given an alpaca fur scarf to their employee. What if… Sheared from the happily living animal, but some vegans don’t go even for that. I asked her, “Did I just commit a faux pas? Will your boss have a fit if you wear that?”

She told me she had to tuck it away for now, but it was okay. She glanced nervously in the direction of the kitchen and added in a whisper that I didn’t hear but my family filled me in on after we were safely outside, “I’m wearing leather boots. Don’t tell my boss.”

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How wonderful!
1) to be able to knit that up so fast (I quest for that as a someday 🙂
2) to share to unselfishly with another; at the mere drop of a fork – you bless others so casually; a gift in itself
3) to have a son-in-law create needles for you! Would you kindly post a picture? or are they too unassuming? Maybe with an amaryllis to keep it company…

Your book is on order, and if the bathing suit lady is any “warning” I’m going to block off the whole of a Saturday for it. And then hopefully make something!

Looking forward to tomorrow – thank you!


Comment by ~jenn 05.06.08 @ 1:58 pm

LOL I love that story!

{{{{{{gentle Hugs}}}}}

for missing Stephanie. The closest venue to me is horribly crowded and difficult to get to so I gave it a miss, and probably felt physically better for it.

Maybe I’ll take a journey Toronto-way. I’d love to meet Deborah Cook/Clair Delacroix/Claire Cross near the Paton’s mill and go yarn shopping, too. That’s only a few hours away from here, on the way (sort of) to Toronto.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 05.06.08 @ 4:41 pm

How wonderful! Random Acts of Knitting Kindness–I see a movement forming. We need a bumper sticker!

Comment by Toni 05.06.08 @ 4:45 pm

Very cool story! The girl knows a good thing when she sees it. 🙂

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 05.06.08 @ 5:20 pm

*snicker* Illicit alpaca is always softer than the normal stuff.

Comment by Susan 05.06.08 @ 5:21 pm

just to fantastic!!!! Tom has a cousin who swears he is a vegetarian until his wife leaves the room, then he is grabbing meat off of everyones plates! I could embrace the way of life, not vegan though I love eggs too much to give them up entirely!

Comment by grace 05.06.08 @ 7:28 pm

You’ll notice I didn’t put in a link to Millenium directly, just in case she still works there, though they certainly should let her be on that one. “Illicit alpaca”! I love it!

Comment by AlisonH 05.06.08 @ 7:37 pm

No alpacas are harmed in the shearing, so unless very strict…yada yada yada.
That sounds like a wonderful restaurant.
I don’t know many that would turn down an alpaca scarf/shawl. I certainly would NOT.

Comment by Sonya 05.06.08 @ 8:23 pm

Love it…”Ilicit” Alpaca and Leather Boots in a vegitarian resteraunt 🙂 Am gonna have to tell Brian that one!

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 05.07.08 @ 5:09 am

My brother and sister in law are vegan, but seem to not mind my knitted wool gifts. It is the thought that counts!

Comment by susan 05.07.08 @ 6:04 am

Just a quick note to say I loved your latest posts!

Comment by Lynn 05.07.08 @ 6:21 am

Hahaha… Again, you bring laughter to my day.

It’s tough to toe the line, what with those only eating chicken and seafood, and all the other variations of vegan. I’m glad your server thoroughly treasured her alpaca gift!

Comment by Channon 05.07.08 @ 6:52 am

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