On the way to the ball
Saturday May 10th 2008, 9:32 pm
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Nordstrom’s: zero. Zip. Nadda. Ain’t got’em. Doesn’t even carry Birkis anymore. (What!?) The guy was a prince, but he got desperate and tried fancy flipflops–you know, it being a Californian wedding and all, right? Mellow? Casual? Uh, sir… Didn’t matter. Couldn’t get my feet squeezed through and Cinderella’s wicked stepsister was out of luck. There simply was not. one. pair. Not even that he could put a rush order on, not at any price.

I’m debating putting in an aside here: pointy toes? They’re bringing back pointy toes? My stars, do you know how dainty pointy toes look on a double-EE foot, how far forward you’d have to extend the toe box for visual balance? Dudes. Errol Flynn could swashbuckle his way down the castle steps with those as backup swords. For him, though, they could be well heeled to the hilt. Heh.

So I went home and googled my size. Looked for the flats. Zappo’s had one pair left in this shoe and three left in that. I actually got to choose. Done.

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Hee… to your comment about Errol Flynn…
congrats on finding shoes, when do we get to see them? nudge nudge… online shopping, it’s pretty peachy.

Comment by marianne 05.11.08 @ 5:13 am

pictues? Maybe of the whole ensemble?
(I still vote for the flip flops…)

Comment by Sandra 05.11.08 @ 6:11 am

I was going to suggest Zappos! Glad you avoided “Rat Stabbers.”

Comment by Lynn 05.11.08 @ 6:40 am

I know, I know. Birkis – where have they all gone? What is the world coming to? What do I wear with my handknit socks? The ordeals of modern life.

PS – Happy Mother’s Day, Alison!

Comment by Linda W 05.11.08 @ 9:13 am

Love my birkis. Can’t live without them. I’ve had people bring them back from the US and from Germany for me when they weren’t available here in the UK. Thankfully they are now!

Comment by PrincessPea 05.11.08 @ 11:26 am

So pleased you had a choice. Even more pleased it is done.

Comment by Vicki 05.11.08 @ 1:15 pm

I’m glad you found your shoes!
And to think they were there..on the pc all the time..gotta love the pc.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 05.11.08 @ 2:30 pm

I have to try Zappo’s. I have heard many good things. Glad they had what you wanted.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Comment by Amanda 05.11.08 @ 6:11 pm

Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe if we all simply ignore the pointy-toe torture devices they’ll go away…..

Comment by Toni 05.11.08 @ 7:47 pm

Love Zappos. I’ve also gotten Birkies from QVC.

Comment by Channon 05.12.08 @ 6:35 am

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