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Tuesday April 01st 2008, 5:42 pm
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Blood test results:

Hershey’s: 0 (0%) Normal.

Scharffenberger Dark 7.2 (2.0-8.0) K/uL Normal.

Valrhona: 0 (60-80%) (We’re out, and so was Trader Joe’s) Definitely deficient.

Bergenfield’s Vintage Lacewood Organic Cocoa: 1200 (150-400) K/uL Heh.

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My blood test would say 50% Hersheys and 50% caffeine I am sure

Comment by rho 04.01.08 @ 5:49 pm

I meant to say I just have this thing for Hersheys Kisses and can’t find a substitute – Dove good, Lindt good but not kisses….

Comment by rho 04.01.08 @ 5:50 pm

I think you need more chocolate. Do it for your health.

Comment by no-blog-rachel 04.01.08 @ 5:52 pm

My anemic blood results last week, were 10% Lindt, 10% Ghiradelli and 78% tea and a trace of yarns, WHats a gal to do?????

Comment by Grace 04.01.08 @ 6:04 pm

Normally mine would be 80% caffeine and 20% chocolate, but this week it’s probably close to 50% Peep.

Comment by Niki 04.01.08 @ 6:08 pm

I’m still recovering from the milk chocolate covered maple creams I got at the sugar house last week. Yum! (And a darn good thing I don’t go by there often, as my spirit is weak and my body plump.)

Comment by RobinH 04.02.08 @ 5:22 am

Ghiradelli on the baking isle (not the candy isle)..much better 2 whole bars & call me in the morning. πŸ˜‰

Comment by Toni 04.02.08 @ 7:43 am

mmmmmmmmmm, chocolate, yarn, and coffee. Was it bad that I had chocolate and coffee for breakfast this morning?
Have A Nice Day πŸ™‚

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 04.02.08 @ 9:23 am

My best bloodtest ever showed me having low sodium… I am a salt-a-holic, so this was EXCELLENT news for me. I had been worrying I was using too much :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 04.02.08 @ 9:37 am

What? Zero Hershey’s? You need to beef up your chocolate diet, boost those endorphins, get all your cocoa antioxidants. πŸ˜‰


Comment by Liz 04.02.08 @ 9:45 am

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Conacado (Fair Trade) Organic Cocoa? How does it compare to Bergenfields?

Comment by Jocelyn 04.02.08 @ 3:19 pm

Ok, so you wouldn’t like the Conacado, but their Sipping Chocolate — first 3 ingredients: Cocoa, cane sugar, chocolate liquor. Very chocolatey, I’ve had 2 cups since we last chatted.

Comment by Jocelyn 04.04.08 @ 10:00 am

Oh my. I do have to try that. Anytime the chocolate is higher in the list of ingredients than the sugar, they’ve got my attention.

Comment by AlisonH 04.04.08 @ 4:17 pm

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