Prehistoric I-pod
Tuesday January 01st 2008, 4:57 pm
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I seem to be in writing mode today…

My daughter was cleaning out her closet, came across this, and asked me if I recognized it.

The I-pod of my teenagerhood. Not only a radio–with FM too, which conveyed an air of sophistication above the teenybopper AM market–but a cassette deck player. Not 8-track, but cassettes! The word “boombox” I don’t think had even been invented yet, but hey, this was really cool–even Sandy down the street liked it. Instant time warp, as my daughter held it up and we brushed the dust off. Did I want to keep it?

archeological dig I-podNope.  Out.

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post it on e-bay- you can pay for another Josephine-do

Comment by sophanne 01.01.08 @ 5:08 pm

Oh Boy, I remember those….Hubby remembers the reel to reels (hes not that old)His first car had an 8-Track in it and his parents had/have i believe areel to reel player. And an old Philco TV that also had a Record Player in the Console too.

Comment by Danielle from SW Missouri 01.01.08 @ 5:15 pm

Woah… I have my old radio for cassettes somewhere. CD’s are becoming a thing of the past with i-pods – my, how things change!

Comment by Amanda 01.01.08 @ 6:04 pm

I always laugh that my kids have no idea what albums (records), 8-tracks or cassettes are. I wish I had some of my old tapes on CD. I had some oldie but goodies.

Comment by Lisa 01.01.08 @ 8:13 pm

way to go! i am sure that there are several models like that at my parent’s house. now that is scary!

Comment by marti 01.02.08 @ 8:08 am

Have I got the solution for you!!! Amy got me a record-player/radio/CD-player (that BURNS CD’s) for Christmas–and I spent New Year’s Eve taking a stack of old 45’s (try that on your kids–mine picked her faves) and turning them into one rockin’ CD! And an old album that no-way ever saw the light of the CD era–and CD’d that too. (group: Nymphs & Satyrs–renaissance vocals, some with a jazzy beat.) Boy did I have fun–and that’s only the beginning! (Can you say “9 feet of vinyl?”) Yes, it has an input so I can turn all the cassettes to CDs. And I ripped one track of a “new” CD to the computer. Had looked ALL OVER for it on CD, to buy it, but no Ferrante & Teicher “Beautiful Beautiful” CD to be found, nor “African Echoes” track from them. WooHoo! So, anyone with ancient technology, it IS possible to at least join the next-to-last technology with the touch of a button…and time to listen to the vinyl once!

Comment by Karen 01.02.08 @ 9:13 am

I think my brother had that exact same one when we were kids. I also remember playing with the 8-track player and having a ball with it. My kids don’t even know what records are, the poor things.

Comment by Carina 01.02.08 @ 10:07 am

Hey, I gave that to you for Christmas! Have you no sentimentality? Does it work?\

Love, Dad

Comment by Lawrence Jeppson 01.02.08 @ 12:29 pm

I had a player like that, too. Oh, those were the days. I also had a blue Panasonic Toot-a-Loop AM radio that I really thought was The Bomb when I received it for Christmas the year I was in 5th grade.

My mother, who neither likes nor ever listens to music, somehow got on to the cassette bandwagon and saved me from 8-tracks and the HUGE gaps in the middle of songs.

More than one road trip in my younger days was accompanied by a jerry-rigged cassette deck and a small suitcase of song mix tapes I had spent HOURS of my life preparing.

I always dreamed of a day when most of my odd music library would be completely portable, without carrying boxes of tapes other paraphernalia. I have two mp3 players, one an old generation player from about 5 years ago, and a newer, even more compact model that holds even more stuff.

I may cave in and buy one of those record player thingies mentioned in an above comment, because I still have ALL my vinyl and cassettes. And I used to work in a record store. A BIG record store. I think at least half of its stock came home with me over the years. I can;t bear to part with any of it. 😉

Comment by Paula 01.02.08 @ 12:54 pm

Sorry, Dad–no, it doesn’t work. Maybe Richard might like to tinker with trying to fix it, he always likes puzzles for Christmas; I’ll ask before we toss it.

You know, I recorded songs from the radio with that thing. The Napster of my generation.

Comment by AlisonH 01.02.08 @ 1:18 pm

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