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Friday January 25th 2008, 2:29 pm
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Cris modeling her Julia shawl

Chris’s socks from Cat Bordhi’s new book

I almost didn’t go to my once-a-month knit night at Commuknity last night; it’s a big group, there’s always an exposure risk, and it’s a bit soon since my big bug. But I needed to see my friends–I had no idea what was coming–and I’m so glad I went!

There was someone new there, Becky, sitting behind me, who’d brought my book and was working from it. When it was her turn to show off, she said she was doing a shawl from “Wrapped in Comfort.” One guess as to who everybody pointed at. Oh! She said she’d looked at me, she’d looked at the picture in the back of the book, she’d looked at me… It WAS me!

Jocelyn and JulieThey had decided to hold a “show your Alison” night: Diana, Lisa, Susan, Jocelyn, Julie, Lyn, Vera, Nancy, Margaret, Candace, Cris, Fae, and Chris had all made or were making shawls from my book. Catie wasn’t able to show up, but sent word that she was working on one, too. At the point a few years ago when I didn’t even have a publisher yet, Catie tried on my Kathy shawl and told me emphatically to hurry up and get it out there because she wanted my patterns! She gave me her thoroughly quotable reason for vastly preferring the circular shaping on my shawls vs. the more typical triangle ones: “I don’t need an arrow pointing at my butt.” Her much-needed vote of confidence helped keep me going re trying to get published, and I loved that it looked great on her: it showed me how well those shawls could fit a variety of body shapes.

Vera’s Bigfoot shawlSusan had been one of my test knitters. She signed a page of the Kathy’s Clover Shawl, which she’d knitted. Susan is about to move away, and my heart about broke with love and aching when I read what she’d written. You can’t tell a friend Please Don’t Go, you can only wish them the best on their journey. (Hey. Susan. Please Don’t Go.)

Chris surprised me with socks she’d made using Cat Bordhi’s new book. Which happened to match what I was wearing and fit perfectly–actually, even though I avoid knitting socks, I have some handdyed sock yarn that has stubbornly refused to be knit into anything else, which means it’s just been sitting there. I wanted socks in those colors. It’s really close to Chris’s yarn choice. She’d nailed it.

You know, I could get a little too spoiled. Thank you, everybody!

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Wow! I was wondering where you were last night? Baby Elinor made an appearance. 🙂

Comment by Jasmin 01.25.08 @ 5:14 pm

Sounds like you had alot of fun! I’m gonna put your book on my birthday wishlist, I like Shawls and blankets that can be wrapped around your shoulders as does my Mom and Grandma. We all tend to be a bit middle and bottom heavy and a Shawl that doesnt point at our collective butts is a good thing, LOL 🙂 As for the computer problem…you know what my week has been like so I’m not even gonna try to offer an unsolicited opinion on your photo problem. Have a nice weekend!

Comment by Danielle from SW Missouri 01.25.08 @ 8:18 pm

Have you ever read Dandelion Wine? There’s a story about friends leaving. Awesome stuff.

Comment by kristine 01.25.08 @ 9:10 pm

What a wonderful night! It is so hard when good friends move away. My friend and I “see” each other everyday via webcam
I would so love to come knit with you.

Comment by Sonya 01.26.08 @ 7:53 am

I just found a web site going on and on about how we all need more genuine face-to-face human interaction. So good for you for getting out. its http:www.cracked.com/article_15231_7-reasons-21st-century-making-you-miserable.html in case you want to check it out.
But I also have a question. Lace is so beautiful but it intimidates me. And now I found out you’ve written a whole book!! Any advice on those pesky YO (besides buying the book, that is). 🙂

Comment by emma 01.26.08 @ 9:09 am

Emma, thank you for that site. (I had to make that h at the end into html, and then it worked.)

I have a tutorial section in my book on how to do yarnovers and how it changes when there’s a knit vs a purl stitch after them: I tried to find such a book ten years ago to teach myself laceknitting, and there just wasn’t anything out there. Then the Barbara Walker stitch treasuries got reprinted for the first time since 1970 and gave me a good start. In my own book, I tried to elaborate and create what I had so needed back then.

One thing to know is that there is a semi-goof in the book: the first two illustrations in that section show the yarnover wrapped in the direction my editor wraps it in her knitting. The verbal instructions, which I of course wrote, are for how I do it. Both work, both make yarnover holes, but my way makes a larger hole and a more visible lace pattern, and it’s a lot easier to get my gauge if you do it my way. But there are no knitting police, just a variety of styles.

You could ask your local library to buy a copy of “Wrapped in Comfort” and it might help other new laceknitters in your area get started as well.

Comment by AlisonH 01.26.08 @ 10:24 am

yes, thanks for that site – awesome!

Comment by crochet secrets 01.26.08 @ 12:17 pm

What a nice thing to do… awesome. Must have been incredible to see how inspirational you are to these folks!

Hope you feel better!

Comment by Amanda 01.26.08 @ 9:00 pm

Nice socks! 🙂

Comment by Amy 01.27.08 @ 12:47 pm

So glad you could make it! I’m still not done with Peace, but I found more yarn in my stash for another one…hee, hee.

Comment by Jocelyn 01.28.08 @ 11:17 am

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