Happy birthday, Nina!
Wednesday January 23rd 2008, 10:38 am
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Nina’s birthday hyacinth(Got it now.)

We were among the bunch of Nina’s friends who took her out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate her birthday, which is today. She grinned at me at one point, and said, “You need John! John’s your best hyacinth hunter.”

It was about a dozen years ago that I was out looking for a birthday gift for her, and I happened to come across some hyacinths blooming in pots. I didn’t know why they seemed just the thing, and I wondered whether they were blooming in more my colors than hers, whether buying one would be a donvier–pronounced DON-vee-ay, a gift you give someone else because it’s what you want for yourself, not because it’s what they want–but still. They appealed strongly to me and I chose one. It was just a little thing, but it smelled so heavenly; you couldn’t carry it in your hands without having it make the day a bit brighter.

Now picture me ringing Nina’s doorbell, her opening the door, and then her standing there speechless. Nina is not the speechless type. But she was dumbstruck.

Finally, she exclaimed, “How did you know!”

Know what? What was she talking about?

“My grandmother!”

It turned out, her grandmother had given her hyacinths for her birthday every year as she was growing up in New York City. It was a tradition between them. Her grandmother had passed away, and here I was showing up on her doorstep on her birthday with…hyacinths.

And you know that after that day I could never, ever give her anything else, even if I have to do a bit of hunting around to find some. I don’t have a picture up yet, because I always feel better as the day goes on and it’s still a tad early for me to get out and about to go buy some. But I will. I just wanted to jump in first and say–happy birthday, Nina!

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What a wonderful story! Isn’t it neat when it happens like that…that unknowingly, you give the perfect gift?! And, I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling well enough to be out and about now – I’ve been concerned and praying for you.
Take care and best wishes,

Comment by Abby Baker 01.23.08 @ 10:58 am

What a wonderful birthday present both for the giver and the receiver.

Comment by Danielle from SW Missouri 01.23.08 @ 11:23 am

I LOVE instances of serendipity (doodah).
And I love learning new words. (whispering to myself ‘DONveeay…DONveeay…’

Comment by Diana Troldahl 01.23.08 @ 12:41 pm

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m flattered.

Comment by Alyson 01.23.08 @ 4:14 pm

Sometimes the word coincidence is njust not strong enough! by the way, I enjoy your blog alot and have given you the “you make my day award” on mine!

Comment by Carol 01.23.08 @ 5:37 pm

How very perfect. Why does this not surprise me about you? It takes a friend who is tuned in and willing to listen when the Spirit speaks to give the right gift.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 01.24.08 @ 7:10 am

I second Barbara-Kay’s comment!


Comment by Pam Sykes 01.24.08 @ 7:19 am

I love those moments. I really do. Happy birthday, Nina!

Hyacinths are heavenly. Used to be the first sign of spring to me (and I preferred the blue ones). Theses days, the scent is too strong for my asthma, but I still sniff ’em in the store. It’s worth a bit of wheezing.

Comment by Lene 01.24.08 @ 11:26 am

That is awesome. So, the gift meant more to both of you than either could realize!

Comment by Amanda 01.24.08 @ 6:44 pm

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