I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Saturday December 08th 2007, 11:20 pm
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I know, I know, you’ve heard the phrase before: “for those who’ve read my book…” you get to meet someone just a bit more.

I got an email last night from Nathania at Purlescence, saying someone had brought in a gift for me, would I like to come pick it up? So this afternoon John and I went over there, wondering what this was going to be about; walking in their door, I exclaimed to her, “Your amaryllis is gorgeous!” thinking, cool, they’re decorating the store with my favorite flowers! Or maybe someone had brought it in as a pre-baby present–Nathania’s only got a few weeks left before she and Kevin get to hold their Christmas baby.

Sue’s white amaryllis“That’s your gift. Do you know a Sue B?”

I was boulevers’e. Well YEAH!!! That’s the Sue whose story starts my book off, the waitress we love so much who can tell you what our preschooler used to order for dinner twenty years ago!

There was a thank you for her baby alpaca lace scarf in handwriting that Steve Jobs ought to take note of and preserve as a font. What she didn’t know, was, her gift made it so John got to come into the shop and have all these people he knew there congratulate him on his mission and wish him well, a chance for them all to say goodbye to each other for two years. The timing was absolutely perfect, and they totally made his day there as well as the flowers themselves.

So now I get to take Sue’s gift and share it with everybody here. (Sorry I took them away from you, Nathania, I’ll make it up to you, I promise…) These are gorgeous, Sue, and I love that you did this–thank you!keeping watch over their flora by night

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Wow, they’re beautiful! What a perfect “thank you” gift for you!

Comment by Amanda 12.09.07 @ 2:29 am

Wow they’re just gorgeous. I had one once, it was pink I think, and really loved watching it sprout and then flower. That was probably about 20 years ago. You tempt me to try another one.

Comment by Lisa 12.09.07 @ 6:34 am

Beautiful flowers!! What a great gift.

Comment by sunflowerfairy 12.09.07 @ 8:42 am

(Don’t forget to hold your mouse over the second picture a moment…)

Comment by AlisonH 12.09.07 @ 9:45 am

I indulged in a bright red amaryllis last week for my new windowsill, it’s starting to poke up a wee nose :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 12.09.07 @ 11:52 am

How lovely!!! What a fitting gift for you.:)

Comment by Romi 12.09.07 @ 12:41 pm


Comment by marti 12.09.07 @ 9:34 pm

Thet are beautiful.
I was so glad to hear about Sue!

And Alison, all the best to your son. Two years…

Comment by Karin 12.10.07 @ 7:34 am

If I could type…meant to say: They are beautiful.

Comment by Karin 12.10.07 @ 7:35 am

Hi Alison.

I tagged you thanks to Rosemary. Check my blog for more info.

Blame her. 😉


Comment by Tiny Tyrant 12.10.07 @ 1:13 pm

My kids & I were in the shop when you picked up the flowers so I saw them in person. They are indeed a beautiful gift.

Comment by Nartian 12.12.07 @ 11:26 am

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