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Thursday October 04th 2007, 9:48 pm
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Knitting group doesn’t get better nor more exciting than this.

At Purlescence. The Thursday night group. Knitting and laughing away… My cell phone rang. Note that this is an extremely rare occurrence: almost nobody has my number, because I can’t hear on the silly thing anyway, and my family uses the various text features on it to contact me for the most part. It took a moment for it to dawn on me that that actually was indeed my phone ringing (and that I heard it ringing!)

I didn’t quite get it out of my purse, out of its holder, flipped open (it’s a Hiptop) and answered in time; they hung up immediately as I was pushing go. I IM’d my husband to ask, was that you.

The phone rang again. (Meantime, it turned out, my husband was IM’ing back to say ANSWER YOUR SON.)

I stepped away from the others to try to answer, clicking to speakerphone because, well, I have to, while they all tried to respectfully ignore it while I tried to respectfully get out of the way, going outside…


And asked the kid’s permission first. I walked back over to the group, held the phone out in front of me, and announced: “This is my son. He’s calling to say he’s engaged.”

The room totally exploded in cheers and whoops and clapping. I get to have Kim for a daughter-in-law!! She told Richard YES!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats to all! Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight, but I’m smiling and woohoo-ing from here!

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 10.04.07 @ 10:08 pm

Congrats! What lovely news!

Comment by Johnna 10.04.07 @ 10:54 pm

Felicitations! Congratulations! Now start designing a bridal shawl, no, two, no three: mother of the groom, mother of the bride, and oh, yes, the bride! VBG!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 10.05.07 @ 4:12 am

Wonderful news! Best wishes to all!
And yes, better get knitting 🙂

Comment by Sue H 10.05.07 @ 5:49 am

I feel as though I know him through you, and I am soooo thrilled for him! And Kim! And you!


Comment by Pam Sykes 10.05.07 @ 7:33 am

Yay! How lovely and wonderful!

Ooh, what shawl are you going to make to go with your dress? 🙂

Comment by Carina 10.05.07 @ 8:09 am

How exciting! I’m so happy for you all.

Comment by Kathy W 10.05.07 @ 9:14 am

Best wishes to both of them!!
Now, for some bridal lace…

Comment by karen w 10.05.07 @ 11:45 am

Wow, how exciting for you! And what a chance for some extra-special knitting 🙂

Comment by Karin 10.05.07 @ 11:58 am

What fantastic news! Congratulations! That special shawl IS in order now!

Comment by Amanda 10.05.07 @ 1:45 pm

Congratulation! The family is growing in a wonderful way. And another daughter to knit for 🙂

Comment by Deb in CT 10.05.07 @ 3:06 pm

Woohoo!! Congratulations, Alison! 😀
(…and to Richard, too…! *grin*)

Comment by Amy 10.05.07 @ 5:30 pm

Ooo, congratulations to Kim and to Richard. And tell Kim from me that she is one lucky lady to get you as a mother-in-law. And, yeah, I hear your son’s pretty cool too. 🙂

Comment by kristine 10.05.07 @ 5:50 pm

Congrats to all of you. Best wishes too!

Comment by Lisa 10.05.07 @ 7:26 pm

Great news. Congratulations.

Comment by Tracy J 10.06.07 @ 2:24 am

How wonderful! Congratulations to you all!

Comment by Gigi 10.06.07 @ 3:45 am

Hi Alison, I’m glad your son has found ‘the one’… and you like her too! Can’t wait to see the miles of lace for the wedding.

Comment by Elizabeth 10.06.07 @ 5:34 am

Knitting and wonderful news, that is a great combination. Congrats to your son! And to you for him choosing a woman you will love having as a daughter.

How long before she is one of us??

Comment by Sonya 10.06.07 @ 5:37 am

Congratulations!!! What great news, and to be getting it during knit night! Perfect timing.

Comment by Karin 10.06.07 @ 8:38 am

what wonderful news! thank you for sharing!

Comment by marti 10.06.07 @ 9:50 am

Yea! Happy Dance!

Comment by Ronni 10.06.07 @ 10:13 am

Congratulations on the new daughter in law to be.
Best wishes to the happy couple.

Comment by Judy 10.06.07 @ 11:38 am

What wondeful news! Congratulations! (And while knitting… could it BE more perfect?!)

Comment by madmad 10.06.07 @ 6:11 pm

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Congratulations! 😀

Comment by Romi 10.07.07 @ 10:13 pm

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