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Monday July 30th 2007, 12:38 pm
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No Sheep For You signingIn real life, the baby alpacajellybeanz baby alpaca Lisa Souza background is closer to a natural than a bleached-white effect, but this is the start of playing with Lisa Souza’s Jellybeanz in the laceweight.

I went to Amy Singer’s booksigning at Purlescence on Saturday, and my friend Jasmin, the one who gave me the Jellybeanz socks, showed up; I showed her this, from yarn Lisa made me to match the socks, and she was delighted. Amy, meantime, was wonderful, like I knew she would be, and I’m very glad of the chance to get to meet her. I introduced Jasmin to her as the one who had driven all the way to Petaluma so I could get to see Stephanie. Since Amy had had no idea who I might be when I’d come in, we all laughed about all of us being on a one-name basis now, right?

And if you want a good book re working with animal fiber-free yarns, “No Sheep For You” is definitely the way to go.

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Hi Alison,

I was remiss in introducing myself to you at Purlescence on Saturday, but I would like to thank you in trying to help cheer up my toddler in her grouchy moment with the adorable giraffe finger puppet. (It was her sign to tell me we needed to go anyway.)

Thanks again and I look forward to getting your book soon & casting on one of your shawls.

Comment by C, 07.30.07 @ 4:21 pm

I second the “no Sheep for You” recommendation. I love the book!

Comment by Carol 07.30.07 @ 6:23 pm

Hello, friend. Glad you had an opportunity to go out to the signing. I’m assuming you’re feeling well?

Comment by Amanda 07.30.07 @ 7:33 pm

I just hope I didn’t make too big a nuisance of myself. I ditched the hubby and a car salesman to head off for that signing (get me out of there!) My DH IM’d me, and Nathania’s husband and I tag-teamed in the back room with the computer with the hubby against the salesman after I got my book signed with Amy. (He says…? But at the dealer invoice is… The Blue Book on the old Prius is…) When it seemed finally a done deal, I went back in the front room where everybody else was, and then got another IM. So I pulled out my Sidekick phone and asked the guy, “So! What color did you get?” He’s been around me long enough to understand why it cracked up the whole room of fiber artists when he typed back, “Sliver.”

Comment by AlisonH 07.30.07 @ 8:41 pm

Hi Alison! Just popped over from Lene’s blog to say hope you’re feeling okay. I scanned through some of your old posts (lovely colors and lovely lace) but also found an answer to a question you raised a while ago when discussing your favorite restaurant. You eat chocolate! I wondered what desserts you could enjoy. Hope when the chemo loses its edge you can pack in some goodies. I’m putting off spinning some alpaca now–see what a distraction you are? Be well!

Comment by Lynn 07.31.07 @ 9:01 am

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