Why I’m hiding out at the computer
Wednesday May 02nd 2007, 7:59 pm
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(Photo edited by request to after they’ve been chilled.)
Michelle made dark chocolate-dipped strawberries, but just in case that wasn’t enough dessert, pulled out the ice cream. (I am suddenly reminded of an infamous remark made by a family friend in our university days, saying, a BYU dinner is one where the dessert is bigger than the dinner.) Michelle and I were going at the strawberries, which was a wonderfully messy enterprise because the chocolate had not yet congealed. Meanwhile, the menfolk were mostly ignoring the berries and devouring a third of a box of ice cream between the two of them. Then a certain, um, blog minder says he’s too full to have more than the couple of strawberries he’s already eaten, at which point his wife might perhaps have mentioned that worrying about getting fat on strawberries (knowing full well what was on them but ignoring that little fact in her comment) was perhaps a tad silly if one eats large quantities of ice cream first. Said blog minder might perhaps have grinned and pulled out his cell phone and pointed its camera at his quickly-ducking wife–who now has threads of the melted bittersweet flipped across her face from ducking, and probably some in her hair. He might have said he’s going to post the picture on her blog. She manages to keep the back of her hair towards him as she runs for the bathroom to go clean up chocolate and avoid him. When she returns she does not go back in the kitchen but rather to the computer, having told him she can delete his photos as fast as he can take them. He has perhaps given her an evil grin in response.

Hypothetically, of course. Meantime, I ain’t goin’ back in there quite yet.

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That looks delicious! Mmmmmmmmmm.

Comment by Romi 05.02.07 @ 10:14 pm

Oh, I tell you! The strawberries came from The Milk Pail, a local place that specializes in the freshest and most local whenever possible. And Michelle just now casually mentioned she’d used up 1 3/4 Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bittersweet bars–we’re talking over 750 g! There were several plates’ worth set up to take to her friends, and leftovers, but still!

Comment by AlisonH 05.03.07 @ 12:21 am

You are a smart woman.

Robb found out where I was stashing my photos on my computer, and he snuck off one — he loves it, of course, and I hate it — and posted it on a site for his out-of-town friends to see. So I sympathize with the hiding.

Comment by Kristine 05.03.07 @ 2:08 pm

Bad Robb! Bad! Bad! (Can I see it?) Lol!

Comment by AlisonH 05.04.07 @ 12:22 am

Drool… (sorry. Chocolate dipped fruit is my weakness)

Have you considered a guard dog for the blog?

Comment by Lene Andersen 05.04.07 @ 9:07 am

Rofl! Well, Lene, it came with its own great big teddy bear, at least. He’s the one that set it up over my objections last fall, and then said, “There. You have a blog. Now go write something.” He’s a sweetie.

He took a plate full of those strawberries to work yesterday and came home bellowing, “Michelle! I got mobbed and it’s all your fault–I didn’t even make it to my office with any!” He didn’t get a single one of them, either. He was pulling the oh woe is me card over that, but I’m sure he was trying to be good on his diet and generous and all that–so we rewarded him with the last of the ones we still had in the fridge at that point.

Michelle wants to go buy more strawberries today. Funny thing. And that Trader Joe’s is a good European chocolate.

Comment by AlisonH 05.04.07 @ 11:10 am

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