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Tuesday May 01st 2007, 4:51 pm
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I have a doctor (bless him!) who believes in being careful (it’s that white cell count thing) but very much in still going and living your life. So with his encouragement and the help of my friends, live today I most thoroughly did.

My friend Nancy and I drove up the gorgeous 280 freeway, with views of the unbroken and blooming springtime hillsides to the west, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and on up to Marin Fiber Arts in San Rafael. There, we met up with Warren, the owner, and Patricia (right) and Niki (left) with Nancy catching me just before I burst out laughing after she snapped the shot. Patricia had set up a cruise ship with how many knitters? Was it 60? And they disembarked in San Francisco, chartered a bus, drove to Warren’s shop, and generally created happily packed-in pandemonium. Niki and Patricia had wanted to meet me, I had wanted to meet them after being online friends with the two for I don’t know how long, so, hey!

Niki, by the way, is the one who knit me these socks awhile back.

You can tell I’m a newbie at this author thing: someone tried on one of my shawls, handed her camera to Nancy, and all I could hear with the background noise was that she’d asked for a picture. Nancy pointed the camera at me, which utterly confused me–she wanted a picture of her in the shawl, what are you doing? Nancy laughed, She wants a picture of you!

Me? Why? Oh, (duh), okay, (there’s still a part of me that will never truly get why, but okay.)

And when I got home, another Picotee amaryllis had opened up, just to top off the day. Thought I’d share.

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What a great day you had! I’m glad you are feeling better. The smile on your face says so.

Comment by Amanda1 05.01.07 @ 7:29 pm

Sounds like a really fun day! I’m pea green with envy – a car ride looking at blooming flowers AND a yarn shop? Hey jealousy.

Miss K

Comment by Miss Knotty 05.01.07 @ 8:44 pm

Flowers and mountains and a large long lake, and hey: that truly weird house on the eastern side that looks like a cross between a hobbit house in the Shire and a Mud Dauber (a type of wasp) nest is no longer oatmeal, they painted it deep orange! Wish I’d thought to pull my camera out. Only in California.

Comment by AlisonH 05.01.07 @ 9:15 pm

Brain blip there. Crystal Springs Reservoir, and the Flintstone house in Hillsborough, if anyone’s curious.

Comment by AlisonH 05.01.07 @ 9:36 pm

Deep orange, huh?! I’ll have to look the next time I’m up that way. Glad you had a great day – friends, yarn, laughter — definitely the best part of life!

-Kathy in San Jose

Comment by Kathy 05.01.07 @ 10:20 pm

That sounds like a knitter’s perfect day. Yes fellow knitters will want your photo, heck they might want your autograph too!

Comment by Sonya 05.02.07 @ 12:16 am

I think I had friends on that there boat. Did you meet Erin and Amie?

Comment by CarolineF 05.02.07 @ 5:22 am

You were right; friends and yarn are always what the doctor orders.


Comment by Kristine 05.02.07 @ 6:08 am

The cruise was certainly great (89 in our group, 78 of them knitters!), but the highlight was certainly (finally!) meeting you. And the gorgeous silk scarf was an added bonus! You’ve inspired me to tackle shawls – I came home from the cruise with yarn for 4 shawls in hand, and for 1 more on order, and of course your book is on pre-order! Oh – and just a little sock yarn came home too!

Thanks again to you and Nancy for making it up to visit us! And yes, Caroline, Erin and Amie were there (as was Eunny). It was loads of fun!

Comment by Knitnik 05.06.07 @ 9:10 am

Thank you, Niki, and cool! I had SUCH a good time meeting you and Patricia! I do wish I’d gotten more names connected to their rightful owners. In a very noisy environment like that was, name tags at people’s chests are a problem for the hearing-impaired, because if you glance down to read and someone starts talking to you, if you’re not looking at their face you have no idea they are. They think they’ve started a conversation and you have utterly no idea. Oops. So I missed a lot of names…

Comment by AlisonH 05.06.07 @ 2:40 pm

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