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Tuesday May 08th 2007, 9:30 pm
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Briiiiiiing, briiiiiiing.


Is this


Yes, I’d like to order the merino pizza number six.

The merino/angora?


What kind of toppings?

Oh, everything. Really make it a party.

Okay, so, perhaps you’d like the Mardi Gras, merino angora special?

Sounds good; what’s it got on it?

Well, we’ve got an organic blue cornmeal crust, sauteed orange and red heirloom peppers with baby eggplant, topped with our in-house pesto sauce and stone-baked with three-year-aged Wisconsin cheddar. And perhaps some pepperoni, if you’d care for that as well?

Yes, yes, that sounds wonderful.

Is that for here or to go?

Um, let me think, yeah, to go. It’ll definitely be able to go with just about everything. Yeah.

And how did you want to pay for that?

With size 10s, 53 stitches, and about eight or nine hours.

Very good! We’ll see you then.



(With apologies to the cute waiter at the Commodore Inn in New Orleans who actually flirted back with me the summer I was 16. I was smitten: with him, with the French Quarter, with the bouganvillea that draped itself luxuriously down the side of the buildings like cabled baby alpaca, with the horse-drawn carriages on the cobblestones, the whole thing.)

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Yep. Too much fun.

But you made me smile, and after the last six days, that’s a feat!!

Comment by Kristine 05.09.07 @ 4:40 am


Comment by Amanda1 05.09.07 @ 8:04 pm

Ooooo purty. Purty purty.

Comment by Miss Knotty 05.09.07 @ 10:43 pm

~470 yards knitted now, 70 to go, and yes, Lisa does a gorgeous job putting her art degree to work!

Comment by AlisonH 05.09.07 @ 11:06 pm

Hi Alison,
This is going to seem random! Just popped over from Lene’s blog because I loved your brilliant comments on the chair! (Why did they ever go out?) Doesn’t the fact that it’s collectible make you want one again?

I peaked at your recent entries. Kudos on that upcoming book! I’ll admit, lace frightens me. Maybe I should challenge myself. As for charts or text (last post) I like charts for color and simple decreases but text for everything else.

Comment by Lynn 05.10.07 @ 7:29 am

If it helps any, I have one shawl pattern in there where the entire thing is one six-stitch-long lace repeat. It’s wonderful for showing off a handpaint yarn, and you don’t have to count endlessly like you do for feather-and-fan patterns. I designed it specifically to help beginners get started with something that I think is really cool looking.

Comment by AlisonH 05.10.07 @ 12:11 pm

Oh, and, as for the Eames potato chip chairs (okay, Dad, close your eyes here) they were pretty kid-proof–we had six kids in our family, and the fiberglass version–but there’s nothing supporting your neck, I seem to remember that the arms get in the way of your elbows if you knit (priorities, you know) and my memories of them can pretty much be summed up with the word “hard.” Not a snuggly seat to cozy down into.

For all that, I still think they’re really cool. And they were great for flipping over and pretending you’re a turtle.

Comment by AlisonH 05.10.07 @ 12:26 pm

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