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Friday April 13th 2007, 12:18 pm
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Thank you to everybody for the kind words on my book; much appreciated.

Now, to start off: I used fingering weight yarn for the most part in my shawls, trying to keep my patterns accessible to a larger number of knitters and to entice newbies into giving them a try; sometimes very fine yarns can be intimidating. But out of curiosity, I took this one pattern and used Fino, a baby alpaca/silk blend that is half the weight of the yarn in the shawl to the left, for the red shawl here, which I’ve just finished. I was afraid it would come out too tight around. It came out absolutely stunning. Yay!

Meantime, two days after Jim’s son fell off the ski lift, his wife’s mother had a stroke. It turned out not to be a bad one, and she’s doing okay, all things considered. Then yesterday Jim got word that the job he had applied for in another state had gone to someone else. …When it snows, it avalanches.

And so their neighbor Russ threw out an email to all their friends. Jim’s family isn’t moving! We get to keep them! Our corner of the world wins! Come CELEBRATE!!!

And celebrate we did. We poured into Russ’s house en masse, bringing food and company and getting a chance to tell that family how much they mean to us and how glad we are that they’re here. Saying hi to Nicholas without making a nuisance of a fuss over his injuries. After all that’s happened to them, we want to see their 7 and 8-year-old sons grow up, every step of the way. We want to buoy up their grandparents. They belong to us, all of them, and we are so fortunate to have them here. I am so grateful to Russ for giving us a chance to say that by simply coming and being there.

I did not shoot photos of the party. You’ll have to make do with the shawl shot. But believe me, a good time (and strawberries and chocolate sauce and cream puffs and tiny quiches and stuffed tiny tomatoes and–okay, I’ll stop now) was had by all.

Celebrate! Here, I’ve got some more Fino, I think I’ll go cast it on now.

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Nice pic of the shawls. You must have felt my fear of using fine yarn. I’m fearful of lace and of fine yarn!

Comment by Amanda1 04.13.07 @ 5:34 pm

They are both beautiful. I am a little apprehensive of fine yarn and tiny needles. I was looking at some size ones at the Possum and Alex said “oh mommmy, you will break those” Thanks for the vote of confidence. I was thinking the same thing. 🙂

Comment by Sonya 04.14.07 @ 12:49 am

Dear Allison, I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday caressing your fantastic book. I am total beginner at lace knitting.I have questions for you dear one..
I am sort of a combination knitting (trying to relearn “normal Knitting”. Could i create the lace knitting like I do? If so I am saving my pennies. This is the most amazing garments of lace I have ever seen. Oh and I am a size 22 or 2x and 65 ” around the tummy but 46 bust” I am a pear and I fast a lot as I do pray but also, can’t eat much… I am very very sick with a 25 yr only God can cure illness –so my brain works slowly)I fight Trigeminal Neuralgia, see or to learn more. For instance, I can never be in a breeze so my head and face and neck are always wrapped, inside and out. But these shawls make me want to create them,they are breathtaking!! They hug the body fantastically! I wonder If there is away to make a smoke ring or something to cover the face and head yet attach it to the garment so inside my home I can look pretty or when I go to church..Could i make these on larger needles due to my eye issues? How can I make them to fit my plump short body, what needle size should i use? Is it possible for me to do these and have them fit my short pear body? I must say this is the most refreshing lace book I have seen in a long time. You are blessed to have this gift and create such unique and gorgeous creations.
Thank you Allison for your patience in reading my long missive. Plesae see my new blog as I am a spinner too and more on
I am very inspired by You allison. God keep you,
Grace in Vermont

Comment by Grace Brunelle 05.10.09 @ 10:55 pm

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