Hey, Margo Lynn!
Tuesday December 05th 2006, 3:34 pm
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Margo Lynn is someone who suggested a knitswap, where those who were interested could knit something for someone else, and, in doing so, took it upon herself to arrange who gave to whom, with nobody doing a direct back-and-forth to each other. Thus avoiding comparisons and guilt factors from getting in the way: just a simple, knit unto others and enjoy the good feelings. Best of the season to you.

But did anybody actually knit for Margo Lynn? Hey! You! So I’m wearing the two not-quite-matching shades of red as a way of saying, if you don’t like the one, I can change it. My sweater was a more vivid orangey-red than the scarf yesterday, before it hit my dyepot. Or I can make your Marnie’s Scarf brown or black. Right now, in real life, it’s about the color of poinsettia leaves and Santa’s uniform.

Which fits the season. Go Margo Lynn for making so many people happy with each other.

(Technical notes: I added two stitches to the cast-on number of the original pattern on my website, and put one plain stockinette stitch at the beginning and one at the end of each row. I started off with a row of k2tog, yo, across, end k2, on the first right-side row, and repeated that for the last right-side row, to make a slight border at the ends which the original pattern doesn’t have.)

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Thank you Alison for going that extra mile for those of us whose mind it never crosses!

I’d like to add my thanks to yours to Margo Lynn for setting up the swap!

You’re both awesome ladies, and I for one feel privileged to know you.

Comment by Shelly 12.05.06 @ 5:11 pm

Allison and Margo Lynn – two of my favorite knitterati!

Knit on!!!

mary kay

Comment by mk from KnitTalk 12.06.06 @ 6:37 am

Yay Alison!

Comment by TexAnne 12.06.06 @ 7:14 am

Another thing: three years ago, when I was in critical condition at Stanford, when I got well enough to sit up and type into my cell phone, which does email, I was (and am) infinitely grateful to the online knitters who sent their support. But I didn’t want my phone’s email addy exposed to umpteen thousand strangers via the Knitlist. Margo Lynn was one of a few people who stepped in and relayed my messages and kept tabs on me. She did a great deal to comfort me at a time I was going through things most people would rather not have to think about or deal with. She was there for me.

I designed my Marnie’s scarf for my local friend Marnie, who was physically present for me when I needed her. I felt it only fitting, now, to knit another one for Margo Lynn as a thank you for being present in the ways she can from where she lives.

Comment by AlisonH 12.06.06 @ 11:07 am

Alison – oh my God, I just picked up my mail today and there was a package from you! I can’t tell you how blessed I felt to have you as my gift-er… well, long story short. We lost Peter’s mother (my MIL2B) on Tuesday night to a sudden leukemia. We were/are in the midst of a move, everything’s in a state of chaos, and we just got back from the funeral home. And I open my mailbox, and I’ve been Alison’d the most beautiful white lace stole. I’m in tears as I type this, it feels like a strong hug across the miles. Thank you thank you! (Sorry to put this in comments, we don’t have our email up and working yet). Bless you.

Kathy (Kit) in Ottawa, ON

Comment by Anonymous 12.07.06 @ 8:55 am

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